1. BigBriDogGuy

    Increased Performance

    I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience with doing things that increased or improved performance on their LR4? I'm hoping to do a full overhaul of the vehicle in the near future. Preventative maintenance to avoid catastrophic failure is a necessary evil. It doesn't move the...
  2. BigBriDogGuy

    LR4/3, Range Rover, and Disco Seats (Interchangeable?)

    Lately I've been admiring the look of two-tone seats and reddish brown seats that I have seen in other Land Rover models for sale online (mostly Range Rover). Don't get me wrong, My seats are great, heated and all that. In really good condition. Just your basic black, but goes well with the...
  3. San Moritz LR4

    Adding Upgrades to My 2012 LR4 -

    Building Your LR4 to Hit the Trails So, you’ve bought yourself the most capable “mall crawler” on the planet, the LR4 (LR3 included.) But…you don’t want to go the mall; you want to hit the great outdoors and take the road less traveled. You’ve already done the most important upgrade you can do...

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