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    2006 LR3 Christmas tree - dark instrument panel - then dead

    Mmm, had something similar going on a few years ago ("randomly" in crash mode), not stupid to check the temperature of the dash itself when the IP does or doesn't go black. I wrote down my findings and fix on another forum but if the temperature seems to be an issue, I will gladly try to help...
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    LR3 owner advice?

    The front diff of my 06HSE -with 250.000 km on it- is noisy above 110 km/u for about 80.000 km now o_O Front bearings both replaced myself, bolt off, bolt on, piece of cake egr's topped, drives like a new and powerful car keep it, keep it, keep it :) last real car made
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    Trip meter random resets

    Had the same problem, replaced battery after following starting-issues. (LR handles higher voltage, so a "normal" battery-check says it's ok). Nice warning though: mileage-reset -> replace battery.
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    Trip meter random resets

    Same here, any fixes yet ?

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