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    Rear wheel carrier latch question

    I am in Boise idaho. Thanks
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    Rear wheel carrier latch question

    Hello I have a rear tire carrier made ( if I recall correctly) by an Israeli firm. I had it installed in about 2010 by the local LR dealer on an LR3, carrying a Goodyear 18" off road tire. I kept the system when I traded the LR3 for an LR4. I have some photos if of interest. I no longer need it...
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    Diff locks in various modes?

    Hello First post but long standing LR fan. I frequently am off road in 2013 LR4 with HD. I usually shift into low range and lift suspension but not do not engage any special modes. Using truck in this fashion, will the diff locks function? I occasionally see the two front wheels on screen but...
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    Intro: Causeway Grey 2014 LR4

    Thanks for sharing. I have a swing out rear mount wheel carrier (and LR 3 wheel/unused tire) which was on a now sold LR3. I do not have the bumper latch. The assembly has been sitting in my storage unit and needs a good home. I am in Boise; decided to leave my LR4 in non-expedition style. Please...
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    Rear spare tire carrier

    Thank you for the reply . I will post some photos this weekend. It is a very solid and well designed item, plus it looked great on my LR3.
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    Rear spare tire carrier

    Hi. I will take a photo this weekend. I am in Idaho so, unless you are nearby, shipping could be costly. It is quite heavy. If i cannot figure how to post photo on the forum, i can send it to your em address. Look for it this weekend. Thanks for the inquiry.
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    Rear spare tire carrier

    Yes. I have four OEM 18" LR3 wheels mounted with minimally used (300 miles) Blizzacs, and a fifth on the OEM wheel on the carrier. I do not recall what tire is on the carrier but believe it is a near new Goodyear Silent Armor. Hope that helps.
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    Rear spare tire carrier

    Hello. I was enjoying the posts re rear wheel carriers etc. I now have a Disco Ii and an LR4. I previously had an LR3 set up expedition style with underbody armor and a swing away rear wheel carrier. The carrier attached to the chassis through the right rear bumper with a hefty steel post . I...

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