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    Winter Romp 2014 video

    Join the Lucky8 crew as we document Winter Romp 2014 and all it has to offer. Enjoy.
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    Lucky8 2011 Easter Expedition Video.

    Lucky8 is wishing you a happy and healthy New Year! To help you get the year started off proper, here's the complete 2011 Easter Expedition. Enjoy Lucky 8 Easter Expedition 2011, Day 1 Lucky...
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    Rover Gear and a Beer Oz Tent review

    Rover Gear and a Beer Oz Tent review from Rovers on the Rocks. Grab a seasonal beer and enjoy.
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    Rovers on the Rocks 5 hightlight video. Enjoy

    Rovers on the Rocks 5 hightlight video. Enjoy Rovers on the Rocks 5 - YouTube
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    SCARR 2013 video

    Grab a cocktail, sit back and enjoy this year SCARR video. SCARR 2013 SD - YouTube
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    SCARR is only 4 days Away

    SCARR is only 4 days Away. To get ready have a look at last years video. Enjoy Lucky8's trip to SCARR 2012 - YouTube
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    Winter Romp 2013 Hilight Video

    Winter Romp Lucky8 style. Enjoy Winter ROMP 2013 - YouTube
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    De-Beep a P38

    With all the work we are doing to the P38 project truck the constant beeping forced Mike to the verge of a mental break down. Armed with a screwdriver and a 10 lb sledgehammer Mike had a life or death match with the instrument cluster. I'm happy to say the cluster is fine and no longer beeps...
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    Winter Romp 2012 Hilight Video

    Last years Winter Romp conditions were anything but ideal. Even some of the seasoned veterans had thier troubles. Grab a pint of your favorite winter lager and Enjoy the video. Winter Romp 2012 Hilight Video - YouTube
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    Anyone Game for a test drive?

    Thats going to be a hard sell. The winter Romp is coming up maybe you could ride with a few guys there to get a feel for the truck.
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    Spark plug wire diagram

    What year and what truck?
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    P38 transfer case chain install video

    Here's a quick video on how to change a transfer case chain on a P38 Range Rover transfer case chain install - YouTube
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    Drop test video of Front Runner's water can.

    We decided to have a little fun and test out the new water jerrycan from Front Runner. If you don't care about the jerrycan just skip ahead to the P38 jump scene at the :45 mark. Enjoy. Jerry can smash test - YouTube
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    How to test for a BAD Watts bushing video

    Here's a quick test for a bad Watts link bushing with a video showing a bad bushing. Symptoms When you have a Watts link bushing going bad, normally you will hear a clunk and a bunk from the back of the truck when you go over bumps or from forward to reverse. The truck will also not want to...
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    Larger tires on LR2??

    Nice job

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