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    LR4 to Defender direct comparison questions

    I hadn't until a couple of weeks ago when I had to manoeuvre around a fallen tree on a narrow forest road. I definitely noticed it then.
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    LR4 to Defender direct comparison questions

    The Defender feels noticeably quicker than the LR4. However, the LR4 V8 engine seems smoother and quieter than the Defender's straight-six.
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    LR4 to Defender direct comparison questions

    I have a 2013 LR4 HSE (no HD package) and a 2020 Defender P400 SE (with the rear diff lock). On the highway, I find the LR4 more comfortable and quieter. It also has more load space. However, there is less body roll in the Defender. Offroad, the Defender is much better. More comfortable and I...
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    Satellite Radio Cuts Out

    I have the reverse issue. The satellite radio cuts out on my 2013 LR4 but never on my 2020 D110. Both have roof racks.
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    Factory Roof rack accessories

    From another forum: M8 T-bolts #853-0782 and three wing knob #753-0776 from Eye bolts (EBH-A2M8) from 2011 LR4/Disco 4 genuine OEM. I found some carriage bolts on Amazon that worked okay too. Also, sell the rubber channel cover if you need to cut smaller lengths...
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    Off-road front facing camera

    Hi all, Has anyone tried mounting a camera as this guy has done in his Jeep? I was considering something similar, but wireless and just stream to my phone. Is there any convenient 12v take-off under...
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    Offroad - tools and spare parts

    First time poster but I've been reading the threads for a while. There's some great information here. My question...what spares and tools do people take when off-roading an LR4? I guess there are the obvious things: spare tire, jack, gas, fuses, oil, coolant but what else? Happy New Year.

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