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    Should I buy this LR4?

    Bide your time and wait for a better deal. An LR4 at that age/milage will need to have new control arms, coolant system replacement, transmission service, and new wheel hub assemblies. Watch for those parts to have been serviced/replaced when buying.
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    Steady Check engine light and rough idle

    Here are the codes it threw: P0101 P0108 P0171 P0174 P0850 P050e P0300 Diagnosis from this mechanic is replace the PCv, my mechanic 300 miles away says it is fine to drive around and just get it fixed when I return. Any other red flags?
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    Steady Check engine light and rough idle

    Just finished replacing the water pump and corresponding coolant system items. Went on a road trip and the check engine light flipped on 180 miles in. Pulled over and turned the car off and cranked the lid off on the gas tank. The engine starts no problem but it has a rough idle. No smoke or bad...
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    LR4 Rear Tailgate Actuator

    Total replacement took about 45 minutes. Need to order a new moisture shield (forgot to add it to the order). Looks like the rear tailgate actuator is getting tired, will probably need to replace that next. Love having a giant lego to work on! Did my repairs with this tool kit from walmart...
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    LR4 Rear Tailgate Actuator

    I ended up ordering parts from Atlantic British, going to do the replacing tomorrow. Allegedly it is simple, we will see. Any tips on how to remove the cables on the tailgate? This is probably the best replacement video that I have found:
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    LR4 Rear Tailgate Actuator

    I need to replace the actuator on my LR4, where did you buy yours? Looking for a reliable part.
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    Hi there! I am new to this site. Proud owner of a 2011 LR4. Wanted to connect with the rest of the LR community to get tips and tricks on how to enjoy this amazing beast of a machine more.

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