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    First Oil Change Notes

    I had read that but upon giving it a go myself none appeared to fit like I expected so I went the adapter route. I'll have to make another attempt at fitting just the hose over the tube next time.
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    First Oil Change Notes

    I bought a 2016 sight unseen from a Lexus dealer across the country back in January. The one owner truck had a service package and was consistently maintained at the local JLR dealer for the initial 69k miles. Everything has been good, zero mechanical issues so far. The Lexus dealer did an...
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    1200 RPM Hum

    I'd love to figure out how to better reinforce the weak spot. It's easy enough to fix but it's still money I'd rather save to spend on something else. Maybe some JB Weld Ultra Heat Repair Wrap, not necessarily to fix it, but maybe to strengthen those parts. I really have no experience with...
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    1200 RPM Hum

    This forum is amazing. I'm a couple of months into owning my first Land Rover but I feel like a pro because even obscure low RPM rattles can be identified here by this super knowledgeable community, even including the TSB. I popped my heat shield off today and sure enough one of the "legs"...
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    Start/Stop ECO question

    As it relates to the amber no eco light. Is it standard for this light to come on when in sand and rock crawl modes. It doesn't come in any of the other modes, just those two. I'm a first time LR owner, and I'm like ving the truck, but the yellow light makes me a bit nervous.
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    That's hard to look at. There's a lot of value that's hard to quantify with that rig. 2013 in a hard to find color. It'll be a tough one to replace. Good to hear that that the Rover kept you all safe.
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    Crazy I know but any 19" wheel suggestions?

    Yeah, I would look for used. Even the defender rims come up for a decent price one in a while. I have thought about the Tuffants, but was initially put off because they weren't available. They are a little lighter then the defender steelies. I should look at them again and check my patience...
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    Crazy I know but any 19" wheel suggestions?

    I know everybody in here wants to go to 18" wheels, please humor my madness. I have been planning to grab some 18" White Defender Takeoffs and throwing some KO2s on there and being totally off road ready. I'm now trying to think a little more practically and am sort of coming around to 19s...
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    Considering an LR4. Would you buy one at 100k mileage?

    I just bought one. 2016, 60k miles, HD package, Vision Assist, and a factory front skid! Pretty much every option but the LUX seats, $35k. I feel like I did my research and hope I found a good one, but only time will tell. It’s single owner with a good history of service at the JLR dealer it...
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    Adding Adaptive Cruise to LR4

    I second this. They go over everything in pretty fine detail. I plan on adding it to mine in the next few months. If you aren't sure if yours is wired already, they discuss the presence of a fuse that otherwise wouldn't be there. I believe it was number 7 in the driver's side box. I...
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    New to Land Rover - Bought an LR4

    Thanks for the replies. The warranty was third party through American First Auto Protect. It was $3,200 for and additional 60k miles or 51 months. $0 deductible. It was their year end special, which lowered the overall cost, removed the deductible and added 3 months. I ran him through the...
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    New to Land Rover - Bought an LR4

    Hi everyone. I’m a bit obsessed with this forum and this vehicle. It’s not even in my driveway yet, but it’s on it’s way. I just wanted to thank the group for being a tremendous resource throughout the process of finding and purchasing this vehicle. I feel like I’ve never purchased a vehicle...

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