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    Mechatronic Replacement

    Hiya folks, I've got a North American 2013 LR4 5.0l V8 currently located in the UK right now, having been imported to the UK from the US during a relocation a couple of years back. At present, the LR4 is in need of a mechatronic unit replacement. My mechanic is a UK LR specialist but they have...
  2. L

    Lr4 3.0 battery

    Hello I had the message “Low battery please start engine”, I tried charging the battery and it didn’t work so I replaced it, the message kept popping up and I thought it was nothing, then I drove to the airport and came back a week later, the car couldn’t turn on and I got the airport support...
  3. M

    Rear a/c not working

    Hi all, I’ve got a 2014 D4 and it came with factory rear a/c option. I recently noticed (only use rear a/c when kids are in the back) that the control cluster in the ceiling that activates the rear a/c no longer illuminates or functions. And yes - I’ve activated the rear option on the front...
  4. S

    Looking for a decently priced 2011 LR4 engine 5.0 non supercharged

    So this is probably a long shot but I can’t not try. I just picked this rover up and the motor is seized. Looks like oil starvation ar this point but I still need to pull the heads. Knowing my luck I’m going to need a engine. So anybody have one laying around? First post, hopfully posted in the...
  5. taxi

    Pre-facelift grille paint job with colored trim

    Hey everyone, new LR4 owner here, happy to join to community. I recently picked up this very clean 2013 with only 41K miles for a great deal. I love the 2013's V8 but was at first a little disappointed I just missed out on the "facelift" of 2014+. Shortly after I realized that the only thing I...
  6. D

    LR4 Front door speakers working only, nothing from rear :(

    For some time now my discovery 4 has had terrible audio, out of all the many speakers only the front door card speakers are working. have looked all over the web to no avail hoping the amp is okay they are not cheap. Hope someone can assist me i miss having the music up load.

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