1. D_Walt

    Cars and Bids LR4 Purchase & More

    A few weeks ago I purchased an LR4 form Cars and Bids with around 88,000 miles. I've gone back and forth on getting into a Land Rover for years and decided now was a good enough time, as prices have withdraw from pandemic highs. Dealers still want 19-25k for a decent LR4 or sport. It's a second...
  2. J

    Disco 1 1996 scraping noise

    96 SE7 Stock 150k+. Makes a grinding noise in Neutral and Park; from underneath in Drive or Reverse no noise - in Nuetral I can see the front driveshaft try to turn; no noises with TRansfer Case in Neutral, Transmission in Drive or Reverse... Sooooooo... ANY HELP? Thinking possibly Nuetral...
  3. B

    Advice on buying a used land rover

    Hello everyone, I have been on the search for a used land rover, specifically a range rover or discovery. I like both in terms of design and I understand the discovery is probably more capable but is there any opinions on which one has a better reputation for reliability? I've looked at 13'...
  4. B

    Considering a 2011 LR4

    So I’ve found a 2011 Discovery 4 w/ 73K miles. Dealer said the emergency break module is currently being replaced and a sensor in the fuel tank was replaced. Being a first time LR buyer was the 11 LR4 a good build? It would be my daily driver (short commutes though) and to go off roading...
  5. ggrupea

    New on the group, years with Land Rover

    Hi everyone, my name is Gonzalo Grupe and I live in Chile. I bought a 1997 LR Discovery 3 doors willow green 8 years ago. Today the fleet is a little bit bigger, with the same disco, and a 2007 LR3 HSE and a 88" Series 2a pickup on restoration. By today my wife decided to change her Vw Beetle...
  6. L

    LR Discovery Full Sized spare and impact on cargo space

    I am looking at the 2019 Discovery and am receiving conflicting information on any impact to the cargo space if the full sized spare is ordered. Is there no impact or is there a 100mm reduction in cargo space floor height?

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