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  1. dtopkin

    "Air Suspension Not In Customer Mode" when trying to calibrate

    Folks, trying to calibrate my suspension on my 2015 LR4 using the Gap IID tool, and every time I’m just about to calibrate I get the “air suspension not in customer mode” warning on the dash. I did go through the whole routine disabling build mode, and then re-enabling EAS… but then when I go...
  2. westcoastrover

    GAP TOOL (LA or SF)?! 2015 LR4

    I just need the GAP TOOL to turn off the DRL (Daytime Running Lights) that are stock/factory installed on my 2015 LR4. Would anyone in the West Coast Land Rover community who owns the GAP TOOL be willing to turn it off for me?! I tried the dealer to no avail plus the start-up disable steps and...
  3. E

    Rear Parking Sensor Alarm

    2011 LR4 Can the rear park distance sensors, or audible alarm, be disabled without affecting the backup camera with the Gap IID tool? I can't find any helpful information on this. TIA
  4. JWLR4

    Newbie to the LR4 - GAP tool a must?

    Greetings! Recently purchased a 2011 LR4 HSE and am enjoying it so far. I’ve read a lot about the GAP IID BT and see it has a lot of benefits. I plan to do a good bit of moderate overlanding, so is it a must-have item? My gut tells me it is...just looking for some input from those who’ve been in...
  5. F

    IIDTOOL BT for Sale

    I have an IIDTool BT for sale now that I sold my LR4. I have listed it on eBay, but will also entertain selling it directly to someone outside of eBay if they so choose. If you’re interested, just let me know. Starting Bid is $299 on eBay, buy it now is $429 including domestic (US) shipping...
  6. S

    FS: IID BT, LR4 oem all weather floor mats, weathertec cargo mat, cargo cover and sun shades

    I sold the LR4 so I have a few accessories to sell that I took out before letting her go. IID BT tool. Registered to my truck so would need to be transferred to you by Gap diagnostic for $34 - $450 shipped in original box LR3/LR4 first and second row all weather mats - $150 plus shipping...

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