LR2 has trouble going uphill when cold - Youtube video link included

Discussion in 'LR2' started by Thebigj2003, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Greetings! Hello I am the proud owner of a 2008 LR2 SE that I acquired in Jan 2017 (at that time it had about 71k miles, it now has about 74k). I am worried my fairy tail has became a nightmare.

    My rover now seems to have trouble going up inclines when the engine is first started and has not had time to warm up to full operating temperature. When going up these same inclines after the car has fully warmed up it does so pretty much effortlessly. ( I am driving it only after fully warming up until I get it fixed I made this one exception for the video)

    Here is a video of the struggling (though after watching it, I realize it isn't that informative):

    ( I am driving it only after fully warming up until I get it fixed I made this one exception for the video)

    I really like the car, but am worried I may have bought a piece of junk, sadly the car was in the shop after only about 2.5 months due to a coolant leek where the dealer replaced the coolant hose to the oil cooler and the thermostat (which cost me about $1200), now it seems its having trouble again. (I bought it from a Audi Dealer they were asking 12.5k for it I paid like 9.2K)

    Any idea what is wrong?

    A few other questions if I may:
    1) I don't see any Trans fluid leaking or on the ground where I have parked, so I have no reason to think it is low, but I was thinking maybe since it works fine after heated up that I should get the trans fluid changed? Thoughts? Do I need to go to the dealer or can I go to just any shop that does trans fluid change/flushes? I was thinking maybe a course of action would be go to shop have them check the fluid/level if low simply fill up to correct level (to see how long it takes to get low again), if it was full then have them do a fluid change or flush.
    2) Is it safe to go to just any old oil change place to get your oil changed, I've seen mixed stories. There is a place that I have been going to with my old car but the whole cartridge filter thing has me kinda scared.

    Any other maintenance tips a tricks for the LR2 that you can share?

    Sorry for going on and on the main thing I'm looking for is recommendations about what is wrong with my car and what I should do about it.

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