Multiple Issues at Once, losing my mind Help! (2010 RR HSE)

Discussion in 'Range Rover' started by ufgatorswr, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Apr 17, 2018
    I've been scouring forums and searches to see if I can find this "perfect storm" of issues I've had all at once and have had no luck, hopefully someone can give me some guidance before I lose my mind.

    I have a 2010 RR HSE, non SC, its been great for the year I've had it until this month, it is the first Range Rover I have owned so most of the systems are new to me.

    First issue I had was the font passenger air-strut was leaking, no big deal, new air strut the problem is fixed, but after the strut was put in I noticed my check engine light was on, when I drove it out of my garage I got about a mile down the road at a stop light and the car would not accelerate, just sounded like it was winding up and that was it. Let it sit for a minute then it moved, once up to speed no problems shifting or rough running.

    Fast forward to the day after and the issue continues, can't accelerate from stop, once moving not issues, no jerking only a slight grinding when going into park and only after I have moved a little bit (IE if I go from D to P in the same spot no issues)

    I run the codes and get a P0500, vehicle speed sensor, when I check the RR service manual I see that it corresponds to a speed sensor, possibly the one on the transmission, however everything I have found says that this should not actually stop the vehicle from accelerating from a stop. Additionally it mentions to check for any ABS faults, which there are none. Is it safe to assume that it is possibly the speed sensor from the same wheel where the strut issue was? A little searching says these usually do not go but I am wondering if it all stemmed from that air strut and the fact the RR was on the bump stops for a few days prior to the strut arriving.

    Or is my transmission junk?

    Has anyone had anything similar happen all in a row? I have a new wheel speed sensor that I plan on trying out, but at the same time I am thinking the issue could be more serious.

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    Apr 19, 2016
    I haven't experienced this issue with my Range Rover, but it is quite similar to issues I had with my Jag a while back. When moving from a stop, it would lose all power, and the DSC light would flash. This typically happens after sitting for extended periods of time. I found that the more I drove it, the less it would occur. It really sounds like your wheel speed sensor like my on my Jag.

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