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    Anyone running 20" BFG KO2 without mods? And, there's a new BFG 20" tire option.

    I just came upon someone with the BFG's on in person, in this size but on an aftermarket wheel. They said there was a little cutting of the inside well trim (maybe drivers side only) to avoid rubbing but no grinding of the frame horn. There were some rub marks that had removed some paint on...
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    Anyone running 20" BFG KO2 without mods? And, there's a new BFG 20" tire option.

    Anyone running the 275/55/20 KO2's without modding their wheel well or grinding down frame horns etc? I'm well-versed in all the wheel/tire threads on here, but I don't think I've seen anyone who've run these without cutting stuff up. I'd love to get a first-hand account if so. I'm currently...
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    Top glass

    In case anyone isn't aware, I learned recently that there is an open recall on the top glass for my car (a 2012). Apparently there is an adhesion issue or something, that can result in the glass separating or lifting. I don't know if your potential glass issue might be helped by them having to...
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    Who knows the in's and out's of the Black Design Package?

    Thanks for that info. I did some digging on the Show Off Your LR4 thread and found a couple '12's that look like mine. It looks like mine is as "blacked out" as was available in '12. To take it further with the badges and door handles, I'd have to go with '13 options which I'm considering...
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    P0442 code and CEL - 2012 LR4

    I wanted to close the loop on this in case anyone else has the issue in the future. Michael's suggestion via the service bulletin turned out to solve it for me. After all the back and forth with my shop, changing the purge valve myself cleared it up.
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    Who knows the in's and out's of the Black Design Package?

    I've got 2012 HSE LUX and am trying to figure out what was an option black trim wise in '12. My understanding is the official black design package wasn't available until '13, so I'm trying to figure out what's what with '12 trucks with black design details. I bought my truck used from a...
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    Getting tires installed at Discount Tire - Lift Concerns?

    The manual says the opposite, suspension should be in off-road height when changing a tire. I assumed having the suspension fully extended was better than a compressed airbag having to hold all that free hanging weight. I too found an Americas Tire/Discount Tire trying to go the access height...
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    Is there an LR4 Workshop / Service Manual?

    Here's a link to download the one called "Workshop Manual Discovery 4/LR4 2009-2011" which can be found around the forum here.
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    Change out differential and transfer case fluids

    Reviving this post for a little clarity hopefully. I'm about to take this project on and am looking for clarification on the plugs specifically, and which should be replaced. My assumption would be that we're trying to replace all three drain plugs. The Atlantic British kit shows two plugs...
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    Los Angeles Mechanic/Shop Recommendation?

    Absolute would be ideal as I live extremely close to them. Apparently they used to be good, but have a bunch of terrible reviews that seem to coincide with an ownership change from father to son or something. Knowing all that, I went there for something ridiculously small and easy as a bit of...
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    Los Angeles Mechanic/Shop Recommendation?

    Thanks for those suggestions. Huntington is farther than I'm looking to go, but that shop in Glendale is at the top of my list of considerations thus far. I spoke to them briefly previously about an issue I ended up being able to solve myself. They've got enough positive reviews out there to...
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    Los Angeles Mechanic/Shop Recommendation?

    Anyone have a referral to a shop they like in LA, for regular service on a modern-ish (2012) Rover? I've been using one that distance has become too much of a burden, so I'm trying to find someone closer to me. Northeast LA, somewhere in the circle of like Hollywood to Burbank to Pasadena...
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    Got some wheel/tire questions

    I've got that 20" wheel and run the Nitto Terra Grapplers in 265/50/20. While I'd love to have more sidewall, these tires are great and there's no rubbing. Ideal option is the BFG KO2 but they require some mods to avoid rubbing. I had a set of the 19's as well. Best options there are the...
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    Need a Second Key

    I checked out the Foxwell on Amazon and there's one review that says it will do it, one that says it won't. All the references in the Q&A say it doesn't. I don't know if people are misinformed or it's a subtle difference between the Foxwell and Schwaben perhaps. Someone in the support...
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    Need a Second Key

    Anyone know of one of the cheap sub-$100 OBD scanners that will program a key?

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