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    tire pressure monitor system with compomotive wheels on 2013 lr4

    Imho, tpms monitoring is useless for those that are weekend wheeling out on the trails. Unlike jeeps and other vehicles that show the actual tire pressures, Land Rover has a set value range that alerts you if the pressure is out of range. On that note, I used my gap iid tool to disable it.
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    Replacement Timing Chain/Tensioner Longevity Question

    Word on the street is the updated tensioner and guides are still susceptible to failure. '14 and up are starting to notice timing chain issues too. Make sure you frequently check your oil level between oil changes too. My oil change frequency was every 3k and I would always be low on oil in...
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    P0087 Fuel Pressure

    Stealership trying to markup unnecessary parts and labor to make some money on unsuspecting folks. Sad, but they're a business for profit too. Anyhow, glad you didn't have to do the hpfps. They're easy to diy replace them if you ever have to replace. Use the iid tool to check live values for...
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    Eco mode and starters

    IMO the eco start/stop is dumber than the bms system. Another reason why I love my v8. Anyhow, yes, I think the eco start/stop will wear down your starter and battery system. If I had one, I'd constantly hit the eco off button and get irritated for remembering/forgetting to hit the button. I...
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    Lr4 service manual in pdf format

    That's one way to resurrect a 6 year old thread. Anyhow, here you go.
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    The XLifter EAS Controller

    FYI... for anyone that has an x-lifter and Facebook, @Jan Stanek has a FB support group.
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    Front hitch options?

    150A alternator. I seriously hate PWM. I constantly monitor mine. I have 2 cheap usb cig plug-ins with voltage and check my iid tool when I see my starting battery dip. I read live values for battery volts, battery charge percentage, alternator load, and alternator amperage. There's more, but...
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    Gap iid tool - 2021 BF sale

    Fyi! They just posted their 2021 Black Friday sale!
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    Gap iid tool - 2021 BF sale

    Awesome! Just trying to share the love! Get it while it's hot!
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    Front hitch options?

    I looked into this year's ago. There was a European company that made one specifically for the LR3, before the LR4 came out. Can't seem to remember who made it. There's others that just made their own replacing the front tow hook...
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    Gap iid tool - 2021 BF sale

    For anyone looking to get the GAP IID Tool, this is your opportunity. Instagram link -
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    LR4 Suspension warning and knocking

    The knock is most likely your lca bushings or sway bar end links like everyone said. You'll need the codes to properly diagnose your suspension issues. Like gap iid tool. Your in luck, black friday sale. If you tap on the left...
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    Front Aux/Spotlight Mounting Options plus where do you mount your cabin switches

    Funny that you should say that. I seriously debated about adding a mofi4500 into the truck for a mobile Hotspot and wired connections. After my drunken night, it clearly made no sense to have wired connections anymore these days. My Verizon mifi is my hotspot. I may just get a Weboost to...
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    Front Aux/Spotlight Mounting Options plus where do you mount your cabin switches

    I run a 4 awg wire through the rubber grommet on the firewall for my aux battery to a fuse box in the rear quarter panels for accessories inside cabin on individual switches. I have another fuse/relay box next to the aux battery to power all my external lights that are switched through the...
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    Front Aux/Spotlight Mounting Options plus where do you mount your cabin switches

    The fit is near perfect. Just need to trim the top just a tad. It was an Amazon special 6 gang modular.

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