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    Back in Action! Seized Engine Replaced

    Wow this is useful info. I did a search in the forum and it seems this is the first time these part numbers are mentioned. Thanks! Newbie question: I have a SCV6 and I'd like to "just remove the beltS and check pulleys for rattle". Any advice on how to proceed? Tools required to slip the belt...
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    Looking to buy this LR4, but rattle at cold start. Goes away when warm...

    Anyone has a recording of what a "good" SCV6 engine sounds like? I'd like to make some audio spectrum analyzer comparison of the frequencies that should and should not be there (with Audiocity or any other equivalent)
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    Best roof rails and roof rack?

    Did you buy Prospeed recently? IIRC is no longer in stock
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    LR4 2016 engine sound odd or normal?

    Reporting back after I got the stethoscope. Cool little un-expensive toy, btw. The odd "rock tumbling" sound almost surely coming from the supercharger. I will replace it with the solid plastic unit but gotta wait for a month or so for the indie shop availability. @John Harris thanks for the...
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    LR4 2016 engine sound odd or normal?

    Thanks all for the replies. I ordered a stethoscope, arriving tomorrow - it will double down as a cool toy for my kid. Will post back of any findings.
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    LR4 2016 engine sound odd or normal?

    Hi: I have a MY2016 LR4 with 52k miles, regular oil changes, well maintained, both crossover pipes and water pump replaced preventively, new spark plugs done while pipes replaced, no codes. The engine is noisy, and others in here also complain about it sounding like a diesel. But I am curious...
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    Firewall feed-through?

    This? Beginning of the thread includes a recommendation for using the steering column grommet, but by page 2 someone brought up a much better alternative: ac lines. This second thread (expedition portal) mentions something...
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    Air suspension reliability?

    How long should it take to raise say from lowest to highest?
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    Emission inspections and start/stop battery disabled

    Yes, I found out about that with an old Toyota with iffy Oxygen sensors and clearing out CEL just before the inspection.
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    very sudden loud clicking and fan noise... is my rover near death?

    I am ignorant on the matter apparently. I would have thought that the fan clutch either engages or disengages with the utility belt. Thus higher RPMs --> Faster fan speed. How can the fan keep constant speed? Or am I misinterpreting what you wrote above?
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    Emission inspections and start/stop battery disabled

    For posterity. A day after disconnecting the aux battery again the CEL went off by itself… ghosts Emission testing went smooth with the start/stop function disabled.
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    Emission inspections and start/stop battery disabled

    Thanks.Ok I will try a first test with the aux battery disconnected. Trouble is, after I re-disconnected it now I get a CEL!!! Only code thrown is about the aux battery issues. Previously I only had the light for the Start/Stop function not available - the code was there, but did not bring up a...
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    Emission inspections and start/stop battery disabled

    MY2016 LR4 is approaching the emission inspection due date and have been running it without the start/stop battery for over a year. There is a code about Body Control Module related to the auxiliary battery not performing, but I wonder if this is enough to result in a failure of the inspection...
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    Cabin >internal< air intake location

    Thanks sir, I would really appreciate that! Also makes sense to have a temp sensing under that tiny grille.
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    Cabin >internal< air intake location

    Thanks. Yes, checked both drains and were clear. Used compressor to make sure they were unclogged. The question I do not have an answer for really is just where the inside air recirculation intake is. Pictures of the HVAC system did not help settle it. Maybe it doesn't matter whether I use...

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