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    Seat Wear

    The key is not to slide on the bolster but actually get your derriere up and off the seat.
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    Transmission issue? Funny sound.

    You will find most here are US-based owners with the 6-speed ZF for the 5.0L V8 or the 8-speed ZF for the SCV6 (both gasoline/petrol). Do you know if you have either of those transmissions?
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    Cant track down Lug/wheel studs

    Great to hear. Best of luck. Also, I did not mean to imply repair, but rather replacement of the stud. And yes, a mechanical press is the most logical approach, so that makes sense.
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    Cant track down Lug/wheel studs

    I've never looked into this but I am curious, how are the studs attached to the hub? As an engineer, I would have never designed these to be serviceable to the extent that I'd want a very strong and permanent attachment to the hub by using an interference fit (press, thermal), epoxy, etc. Not to...
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    LR4 5.0 Chain Guides actual problem?

    Well, Since I'm coming up on 8 years pretty soon (built July 2013 with September 2013 US delivery), I better take good care of my LR4.
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    Dark color website?

    Not just you. It's different and at first glance I don't care much for it, but it may just be because it had not changed in so many years.
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    Tailgate weight rating

    I'm confused by the bracket bending. The load is taken by the two cables. Has something loosened up or the anchors been bent out of shape? Have the cables stretched? The loading conditions are such that that bracket should be seeing minimal shear or bending loads.
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    Tailgate weight rating

    I recall the rating being such that two adults could stand on it. As an engineer, I'd have to design it to a minimum of 200kg (440lbs) to be able to make that claim worldwide. When I designed a machine cover to be able to take an adult (as in 1 factory worker), I used 300lbs as a target. I'd...
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    AC Not Blowing Cold...Sometimes

    I'm sure this is not the case for you and it's present in all cars to some extent, but I notice that the LR4 is more sensitive than most to not being in motion. It can maintain a cool cabin just fine when stopped. But cooling a hot cabin while stationary is a lengthy process. The air comes out...
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    LR4s out there holding their value maybe more than just quite well

    LOL Love that movie.
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    headlight question

    Are you speaking of a V6 or a V8 LR4?
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    Oil Level Indicator

    Most cars have ~1qrt from min to max. This is why I always underfill by 1/2 quart when I do an oil change. I usually end up pretty close to max.
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    Suspension tuning

    I'm still on the factory alignment 8 years & 46k miles in. In ~25 years, ~15 cars, and ~400k miles, I've only had two alignments done.
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    headlight question

    Interesting. I did not know I could do that with GAP. What exactly turns on with DRL? I'm assuming not the HID's, but rather some low-power version of the halogen high beams? I currently I manually turn on the parking lights when I drive so the LED strips are on.
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    Please Help

    Could it be some sort of demented valet mode? That's weird, man. My first guess was the temp-related, low-bat issue. Same as fire detector beeps coming on at night at low temp.