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    pcv hose blew off - bad egr or pcv valve?

    Here's an update: So I replaced the egr valve. Went with a dirt cheap WVE unit from Rockauto. I was quite pleased when I opened the box and it had a made in Japan Denso label on it. Came with 2 new gaskets too. Seems I got their last one as it's out of stock now. Needed to get the torch out to...
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    2006 LR3 Christmas tree - dark instrument panel - then dead

    Have you checked the battery cables/connections and the big fusible link on the positive cable? Intermittent loss of power via the cables or fusible link would be my guess
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    Carpet replacement?

    Yeah I've thought about it, but the carpet on the back gate is glued on, so I don't think used would work out well for that area. And if I do the rest of the carpet I want it in new condition, since the intent is to freshen up the appearance - there's nothing really wrong with it except being a...
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    Carpet replacement?

    I was hoping so - I guess I'll have to take it by one and see what they say. Really just need the back liftgate carpet done, as it was rubbed off in a couple spots when I got the vehicle. That should be a lot simpler than the main carpet anyway
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    Aux Input?

    It's in the back of the center console under a lid that flips up. Doesn't work very well though - needs a small amp to boost the volume....
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    pcv hose blew off - bad egr or pcv valve?

    It still runs great since this happened so I'm leaning towards an occasional stuck egr or pcv valve. Will be replacing replacing both, even though I did the pcv a couple months ago - just to be safe....
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    Carpet replacement?

    Anyone have experience or knowledge about replacing the carpet in an LR3? It's on my bucket list you could say, but I can't find any molded replacements available online and don't see any threads about it. Are auto upholstery shops equipped to do this?
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    2006 LR3 Fuel Sending Units

    Which relay was that? A fuel pump relay?
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    Fluctuating RPM's at constant throttle (throttle hunting, surging, gear hunting)

    By the way the valve body and sleeves I sourced is available is someone is looking for one
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    pcv hose blew off - bad egr or pcv valve?

    No, didn't pump the throttle at all. It was definitely more like the sound of a hose popping off than an explosion. I mean there could have been a backfire as you say, but didn't sound like it...
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    Fluctuating RPM's at constant throttle (throttle hunting, surging, gear hunting)

    I had the exact same problem. A transmission pan and filter replace & refill completely fixed it. Fixed my "California stop" issue too. I was prepared to also replace the valve body with a good used one with new sleeves (and maybe new solenoids) but it wasn't necessary.
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    pcv hose blew off - bad egr or pcv valve?

    Need some help if anyone has some ideas about this: Yesterday I was starting my 2008 LR3 with about 160k miles and the 4.4L V8. It had a delayed start, cranking for about 10 seconds (which it has been doing intermittently maybe 1 out of every 25 starts for a few months - runs great otherwise)...

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