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  1. B

    Land rover LR3 Reservoir valve code air suspension disaster.. PLEASE HELP

    Hello everyone, I have a land rover LR3 2006 V6 and have been dealing with a couple of strange issues with the air suspension. Ive researched all over for this issue, but Can only find 2 things about it and the forums just get cut off and end with no real help. When starting the car, I...
  2. dtopkin

    "Air Suspension Not In Customer Mode" when trying to calibrate

    Folks, trying to calibrate my suspension on my 2015 LR4 using the Gap IID tool, and every time I’m just about to calibrate I get the “air suspension not in customer mode” warning on the dash. I did go through the whole routine disabling build mode, and then re-enabling EAS… but then when I go...
  3. JWLR4

    Uh it toast?

    Well, just eyeballed my LR4 as it was on the lift for new tires and saw this... Is it toast, or is that just an outer, protective portion? Doesn’t look good.
  4. JWLR4

    Getting tires installed at Discount Tire - Lift Concerns?

    I’m about to have some Toyo Open Country AT IIIs installed tomorrow at Discount Tire and need to know if there’s any special procedures for them getting it in the air. I’ll obviously point out the compressor location, so they don’t crush it, but does anything need to be done to deal with the air...
  5. tonyrover90

    Air Suspension Faults (2011 Discovery 4 Petrol V8 with 192000 kms)

    Hi Folks, hope you guys are doing well The weather in Alberta was extremely cold roughly minus 45 Celcius degree which probably affect on electrical components? This morning I recognized my car was a bit lower on the left side (looked like accessed height which I've never used) then I start the...
  6. D_Walt

    Considering a 2014 LR4 Lux Package.... Need Some Advice

    Hello all, I have opportunity to buy a well maintained 2014 HSE LUX/ 3.0 scv6. It was originally owned in Michigan and now here in Pennsylvania. The price is fair, so I have a little wiggle room to do some preventive maintenance. The vehicle has 63,500 miles on it, with the two notable repairs...
  7. Ladric

    Air Suspension intake filter replacement

    Hi folks, Anyone got a how to for this. My 2011 may have a blocked Air Suspension intake filter and I need to find it and replace it.
  8. Disco3 Drew

    RR air bag dropping intermittently

    Hey friends, I have a curious occurrence. The right rear air bag on my 08 LR3 intermittently will drop at ride height. However, at access or off road height, you can hear a leak and itll drop down to the bump stops. The thing that has me stumped is how this happens maybe once every 2-3 weeks...
  9. B

    2012 LR4 HSE Air suspension problems

    Hello, I am posting to this forum concerning my 2012 Land Rover LR4 HSE. The vehicle has 131K on the odometer, I just recently replaced the passenger rear air strut (The bag was leaking pretty bad, it would take around an hour for that part of the car to be slammed to the ground). I did the job...
  10. DiscoLR

    LR4 Loud air release sound when air ride deflates

    Hi guys, new to the forum. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and just did a few repairs to my 2012 LR4. Recently, I tackled the air compressor rebuild. After about two weeks of it working perfectly, my short MIL came to visit, and I started using access height and now, there is a loud burst of...
  11. S

    Air Suspension Inactive 1 tire goes up more than other 3

    Anyone ever encounter the Air Suspension Inactive fault where back left tire progressively gets much higher than the other 3? If so, what was the solution? There is no error code on my 2003 RR. All the air bags are less than 1 years old and no leaks.

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