1. BigBriDogGuy

    Lug Nuts Will Not Budge

    As you can see, the wheels and lug nuts look in good condition. I'm also using a pretty heavy-duty lug wrench. I've shot all of them up with WD-40 and am going to let them sit overnight. Is there something I'm missing here? Could they be locking in a way that I am just not seeing? Anyone...
  2. W

    LR4 Binding Brakes

    Owners/Enthusiasts, I’m posting here because I’m stumped and frustrated. Having repeated issues with binding brakes on my 2011 LR4. About a year ago I replaced the rotors and pads myself. I hadn’t done a brake job in 20+ years but a friend and fellow Rover owner showed me the way. Nothing much...
  3. Wrstewart

    New LR4 Owner

    Hey Guys, Im Ricky, nice to meet you. I thought I would finally introduce myself after my third week with my Sumatra black 2012 LR4 LUX and an interesting story to tell. I bought the truck from a girl whose parents gave it to her (must be nice) so I was able to get it for a great price. It...
  4. RoverMike

    2013 Land Rover LR4 brake pads and discs

    So my Land Rover has 64k miles on it, and it recently started squeaking when I brake, any recommendations on good Discs/rotors and brake pads ....
  5. S

    2018 Evoque Rotors after 13k ???

    I am new to this forum. We just received a call from our dealership that the complete back brake system including rotors have to be changed because they are worn. This seems highly I usual to me. 13,000 miles?? I had expected somewhat 50k for rotors. Anyone any experience with this?
  6. A

    Hot Rear Rotor

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2011 LR4. I noticed rear driver side break rotor & pad was overheating. I thought it was a jammed caliper, but, it seemed to be moving properly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper tools to look further. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. M

    2016 LR4 w/32k miles - replace all brakes at same time?

    Here's my scenario. My rear left rotor is grinding and grooved across the entire surface. Happened over the period of about a week. Getting noisier. I want to sell the car within 3 months and buy a Defender so minimizing maintenance/repair cost is ideal. Should I just replace the one rotor...
  8. J

    2005 LR3 Brake line replacement

    2005 LR3, 115K miles. Mostly NYC driving, so lots of salt exposure. Hi All, I have developed a slow leak from the rear brake line up above the differential. After inspecting the lines on a lift I see that of the lines that are exposed enough to see, there appears to be a fair amount of...
  9. L

    2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE Brake Pad Sensors

    Hi all, I am changing out the brakes on my Discovery Sport SE for the first time and I'm just trying to figure out which sensors I need to order. How many sensors does the car have? I know it's rear and front but is it one for each side? Thanks everyone.
  10. westcoastrover

    New Brakes - 2015 LR4

    Got a quote for new front brakes on 2015 LR4, as warning light is on. Roughly $660 from Dealership for Front. Does this seem normal? I recently replaced my REAR brakes for around $350. Also, how long can one wait once the <<ORANGE Brakes Low warning light>> is illuminated on dashboard? Thanks!
  11. Fulltimesav

    Advice for Brake Shake

    I've had a problem I've been battling for a while and I wanted to post here to see if any of you had a suggestion I haven't thought of. Frist off I'm aware my model sport is tough on front brakes. I did a brake job last year and have about 10k miles on the brakes so far. I'm a little bit of a...
  12. N

    This is a little odd to me.

    Hi Folks, glad to be a member here and thanks in advance to those who chime in the conversion. I am a little surprised with our 2017 discovery Sport, currently have our truck at the dealership after the Brake lights turning on for the first time. I saw the light appear at 11,900 Km to be exact...
  13. Martin Wiesiolek

    2011 LR4 - Parking Brake Won't Engage

    Hi, out of the blue my parking brake won't engage. The only thing I had recently done to my vehicle was mounting of new tires. Any ideas where I should start? Go to a mechanic? I'll be grateful for your insights.

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