fuel pressure regulator

  1. P

    Engine code P0089 "fuel pressure regulator performance"

    2015 LR4 90k miles Recently a check engine light has been popping on. No issues while driving or performance. Was wondering if anyone has dealt with this? Should I start with replacing the sensor? Side note: recently had the gas tank flange replaced and this problem started soon after (not...
  2. land sedai

    New sound coming from Bonet

    LR2 HSE | 2012 | 3.3L Petrol Engine Issue 1: 1. I just put on my key knob and pressed only the start button to turn on electronics only, Not an Engine Start. 2. From the Engine bay I heard some noisy sounds (Video link attached). Is that any sensor or Fuel pressor controller or any other...
  3. A


    So I have gotten the following codes posted on the tittle, got a quote from a local shop(2,400 for everything) they're telling me it is the direct injection fuel pump (high pressure) both of them sadly, I have a mechanic that'll do job for way less but he won't be available till next week. with...
  4. Tbh1981

    Engine Codes: P025C, P008A, P064A

    Good Afternoon experts, I have recently purchased a 2016 LR4 (HSE Lux, HD and Black package). I'm an experienced driveway mechanic, but I've only owned Volkswagens before this. I know the codes listed in the title are related to low pressure in the fuel system, potentially caused by anything...
  5. BMullensNH

    P0089 Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Performance

    I just bought a 2015 LR4 with 70k miles, and after driving it for a month the “check engine” light came on. Advanced Auto let me use their scanner and I got the attached output (see images) P0089 Fuel Pressure Regulator. Advanced Auto recommended YouTubing it and I didn’t find much. The parts...

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