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    May 24, 2019
    I washed my 2004 Discovery II a few days ago in preparation for sale. I washed the engine and undercarriage / wheel areas well to show additions (diff guards, rear shocks, etc). Upon leaving the car wash the Traction Control light and Downhill Descent Control lights came on. ABS light does work (it is not burned out) but is not coming on. None of these lights were on before.

    I have tried researching this but am inundated with 3 amigo threads / solutions.

    I checked the ABS module and discovered the hard wire bypass has been done to it. (I purchased it used from an import mechanic).

    I have not taken anything apart. I have unplugged all three plugs and checked for corrosion and water. Sprayed QD cleaner in the connections and blew them out. When I disconnect the plug closest to the passenger compartment (on one side by itself) the lights tend to stay off for a little bit and I can get downhill descent control to work. When the lights come on it does not work. ABS does work. I think TC is working (may be just imagining the sound / vibration).

    I have a Bosch OBD scanner but it does not show anything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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