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      alldazed replied to the thread Low Coolant Light.
      I have a 2011 sc in a rrs. There is another bleeder valve on the passenger side towards the rear of the engine bay that I’m pretty sure...
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      Came as Britains idea of a pick up truck too and a panel van if I remember rightly but I think in NA you would have been laughed out of...
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      I can’t help you date it but I remember them well as I grew up in the uk . There are usually a handful at British car day in Oakville...
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      alldazed replied to the thread Rear pass. Door issue.
      Been having a similar problem on a 2011 RRS on rear left door. I scanned it and it shows a fault with rear left door central locking...
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      alldazed replied to the thread Long crank, no faults.
      I thought that when you opened the door it ‘woke’ the engine up and activated the fuel pump to make sure there is fuel in the rail ?
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      I’ve had a 2011 sport supercharged for 3 years now with similar mileage to the one you are looking at. It had full service history from...
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      alldazed replied to the thread lr4 fan clutch thread direction.
      I believe it is a reverse thread so you would turn it clockwise facing it on that era of the V8. SC version on rrsc is regular thread...
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      alldazed replied to the thread Hitch Internal Parts?.
      There’s a company called powerful uk , obviously in the uk. They sell a complete overhaul kit and there is a how to video.
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