2014 LR4 HSE LUX HD!! 122k miles For Sale $18k.

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Jul 26, 2014
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2014 Land Rover LR4 HD HSE LUX, 122k. Los Angeles, CA.

This is a one owner truck. Bought in Denver, one year there, then CA for the remainder of my ownership.
I have a Mercedes, a Model S Plaid and a Cybertruck on the way and need to make some room.

I have done extensive proactive maintenance and always taken care of anything that needed done. If it has needed it, i fixed it. I have the voluminous service records to reflect that. It is in good shape, but has been used for its intended purpose - kid and mastiff transportation, Ski Trips, Climbing trips, camping trips, Off-roading, etc - and thus reflects this. Mechanically it’s excellent, cosmetically it’s good - I consider it always Used, never Abused. Leather is perfect. I have always had seat covers on all seats. There is no fading, discoloring or cracking in the leather. It just got smogged a month ago and is good in CA for two years. Title in hand.

This is a truck that has a TON of stuff done to it to make it reliable for another 100k miles. It is not comparable to an LR4 that has not done proactive maintenance. You name it, I have done it, in some cases before there were signs of an issue.

The major mechanical and mods - I have done extensive things to the car, mostly maintenance, some performance, this is not a complete list, but most of the big stuff. If you know LR4, you know all of these, what they cost, and what they mean for reliability. Here are a few:

  1. It has a completely rebuilt supercharger done at Superchargersonline here in CA. I put on new (both upper and lower) pulleys and a tune by VelocityAP. It has roughly 450HP now. Huge difference from stock. Massive passing power.
  2. Transmission - Sonnax Zip Kit. I changed the transmission fluid and installed a zip kit to improve longevity and shifting smoothness. All diffs and transfer fluid has been changed.
  3. Had front and rear crossovers done, replaced with NEW style units, not old sandwich ones.
  4. EBC Brakes - it has new EBC Pads and rotors. Yellow stuff.
  5. Tires - it has new tires - Continental Terrain Contact A/T.
  6. All windows tinted.
  7. It has a new radiator fan.
  8. New alternator.
  9. New upper control arms and all suspension serviced. Long life poly installed.
  10. New Windshield.
  11. New belts pulleys and tensioners
  12. New EvaP valve.
  13. New spark plugs and o2 sensors.
  14. Water pump and thermo has been replaced twice.
  15. It has an upgraded Supercharger intercooler water pump - bigger Bosch unit.
  16. I am including a GAP Diagnostics Bluetooth tool.
  17. It has a RHINO HITCH installed.
  18. It has a front and rear Dashcam BlackVue Dr750-s with the aux battery accessory.
  19. It has a radar detector (Passport) mounted to the rear view with power take off from the headliner.
  20. It’s has full Asfir skid plates and a rear pumpkin protector. Also have the original stuff.
  21. It has the Land Rover all weather floor mats. I think I still have to originals.
  22. Newish Starter battery.
  23. Always use AMSOIL full synthetic. Had blackstone labs test my oil for duration purposes.
  24. Includes a full metal cage Dog Divider for a protected real cargo space in the rear.
  25. Includes a THULE AERO roof rack. Best for low wind noise.
  26. Includes a Thule 635B Ski/cargo box.


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Jul 26, 2014
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Some more pics over the years showing the cargo box and what the truck Has been up to.

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