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    Trunk slide

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    Trunk slide

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    Locker behavior questions

    This technical document is an interesting read.
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    Coolant Levels Dropping Slowly - No Visible Leaks

    There’s a coolant hose under the inlet manifold that can leak coolant and it can pool on the top of the block. It can also get into the oil and I had elevated levels of silicates when I had an oil analysis done at the time.
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    Thermostat housing torque specs

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    Storage Mod

    Yeah it makes a huge difference having the extra space and there’s actually sort of two compartments back there. I’m actually missing some clips so my rear floor panel just lifts right up.
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    Storage Mod

    There's something like 6 torx bolts to remove the rear seats and you can have them out within 20 minutes, nothing else required. They're heavy and awkward to remove, so you'd want two people ideally. No airbag connections to remove and I just zip tied the seatbelts out of the way. I have a full...
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    Broken coolant return ****** and fix

    I took both side caps off the radiator so I could recycle the aluminum core. It’s a shame really, as there’s nothing wrong with any of it except for the rotten area of plastic at the hot end of the radiator. Note the broken plastic remnants. The side with the trans cooler was in perfect condition.
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    Water tank under cargo area floor?

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    LR3 BMS Reset for Battery AGM Charging

    I’ve been running an Odyssey AGM for the past two years without any problem at all. Interstate batteries never seemed to last. I have a short commute and I think it’s important to use a charger every other weekend to keep things topped up. I use a CTEK MXS 5.0.
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    Broken coolant return ****** and fix

    Just to close this thread off. I replaced the rad and all the coolant hoses this weekend. Not an especially difficult job generally, but fiddly and getting the rad out is a real pita! Radiator top fittings were completely rotten, in addition to the plastic T that feeds it. All the other hoses...
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    Broken coolant return ****** and fix

    Lucky! It’s definitely indicative of the plastic rot due to age. I’m replacing the rad and all the hoses this weekend. Just as well, as you can actually see coolant weeping through the plastic tee piece that connects to the large hose at the top of the radiator. Looks like it’s from where the...
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    Coolant Level Question

    I think it’s less likely to be a bad level sensor, although it certainly could be, and more likely to be the float in the coolant tank that stops floating and thus giving false readings. At least this has been my experience.
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    Broken coolant return ****** and fix

    I have to admit I was getting a bit suspicious about the cooling system. The hoses all look fine, but the plastic connector pipes, which look like some sort of glass filled nylon, seem to absorb coolant over time and crumble. I think it’s reasonable to expect to have to replace these after 15...
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    Broken coolant return ****** and fix

    I’d literally just replaced the broken plastic bleeder tee and then immediately proceeded to break the coolant return ****** from the top of the radiator, by merely looking at it, it seems. After 15 years and 140k it seems the plastic has turned to mush. I’ve made a temporary fix by threading...

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