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  1. D_Walt

    Cars and Bids LR4 Purchase & More

    A few weeks ago I purchased an LR4 form Cars and Bids with around 88,000 miles. I've gone back and forth on getting into a Land Rover for years and decided now was a good enough time, as prices have withdraw from pandemic highs. Dealers still want 19-25k for a decent LR4 or sport. It's a second...
  2. B

    Considering a 2011 LR4

    So I’ve found a 2011 Discovery 4 w/ 73K miles. Dealer said the emergency break module is currently being replaced and a sensor in the fuel tank was replaced. Being a first time LR buyer was the 11 LR4 a good build? It would be my daily driver (short commutes though) and to go off roading...
  3. B

    LR 4 model years

    So I've heard the 2013 Disco 4 seems to be more reliable compared to other model years...is this true? Thinking about buying a used 13 Disco with 75k or less miles. Anybody have any thoughts? Baden
  4. Ian K

    2010 LR4 - Rhythmic Ticking Noise from Front of Engine

    First off, I'm sorry for yet another "what is this noise?" post! I've searched high and low around the interwebs and have not found anything that quite compares to what I'm hearing. Thus far, this hasn't correlated to any problems, but I'm going to be tearing into things to identify [yet...
  5. D_Walt

    Considering a 2014 LR4 Lux Package.... Need Some Advice

    Hello all, I have opportunity to buy a well maintained 2014 HSE LUX/ 3.0 scv6. It was originally owned in Michigan and now here in Pennsylvania. The price is fair, so I have a little wiggle room to do some preventive maintenance. The vehicle has 63,500 miles on it, with the two notable repairs...
  6. D

    2011 Disco4 DAB fault

    Hi All I have a 2011 discover 4 Has with harman/Kardon logic7 System. up until a couple of months ago the DAB radio worked just fine without any problems. Then all of a sudden it started dropping out for 5 minutes or the hole day and would come up no signal. This happened every couple of...

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