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18/33 mpg ? for real ?

Discussion in 'LR2' started by yanr, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. yanr

    yanr Guest

  2. RohithT

    RohithT Guest

  3. yanr

    yanr Guest

    I think what they mean for extra urban mpg of 33 is when you just cruise the highway nonstop : ) Another marketing label.

    The 25mpg probably more relastic for a v6 with full time 4x4.
  4. rbutler

    rbutler Guest

    UK uses "Imperial" measurements. An imperial gallon is a larger volume than a US gallon (160 ounces v. 128 ounces).
  5. dishsoap1

    dishsoap1 Guest

    It's not a Land Rover if it gets over 20 MPG.
  6. Jaak

    Jaak Full Access Member

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    Nov 23, 2005
    US Gal = 3.83 Liters
    Imp Gal = 4.4 Liters

    They are looking at 25 MP/IMPGAL combined city/highway in Europe. They have not done a NA market test and published it yet ....

    I have my eye on the "orange" one in the near future ....
  7. RBH

    RBH Guest

    U.S. car blogs and magazine sites seem to have varying MPG numbers for the LR2. I have seen city MPG listed from as low as 15 to 22 and highway listed from as low as 25 to a high of 33. I know much depends on how one drives, but there must be a standard measurement for the LR2 out there from which one can judge. If its better than the Acura RDX 19/23 MPG rating then they will have a real winner.
  8. shod

    shod Member

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    Dec 14, 2005
    my loaner averages 17mpg in all city driving
  9. bjartin

    bjartin Member

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    Jun 16, 2008
    29 mpg

    In 2007 I drove 18,200 km = 11,310 miles of highways, freeways and in cities, including offroad with my LR2 Td4 manual.
    My consumption of diesel shows an average of 29 mpg U.S. = 34.8 mpg Imp = 12.34 km / L = 8.1 L / 100 km
    I thought not at all in 2007 for economic driving, so I think the average is approved.

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