change of 4.4 l on my LR3 to 5 L or 3L

Discussion in 'LR3' started by discodanny, Feb 2, 2019.

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    Whatever you do, avoid the 3.0L SC V6. It's not smooth, doesn't sound good and can't touch the torque the 5.0L makes. 5.0L is a great engine for towing, sounds good and is pretty smooth. I do agree though that swapping an engine in a nearly 15 year old vehicle is sort of crazy. You'll spend more doing it than the car is worth and you can easily find semi-low mileage LR4s from the 2010-2013 period for less than $25K.
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    Negative. Hers is a 328HP RWD Q50S. It does not have direct adaptive steering nor any of the other electronic driving nannies. It's a joy to drive, it's just not an F-Type.
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    LOL "notoriously"? No. Notoriously, LOL. Exaggerate much?

    Sounds like the classic 'knows literally nothing about Land Rovers" question.
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    May 29, 2010
    Dear friends
    I started this post few days ago and read thru all the posts.
    I think that if I need to summarize the above, than:
    - no new V6 engine, even that it is the latest model
    - sound that the swap to 5 L might be to complicate And if so there mightbe some small advantages

    So to summarize I better off staying with the 4.4.

    Now here are some new factors to the equation :
    I live in Israel.
    Here there are maybe 5 LR3 V8... The diesels govern here.
    I love the LR3 ant it's my third . The others died in the rough rocks.
    I also drive my 2005 on a daily basis (or BMW gs1200), even thou I can effored new one. I just adore this car.

    I feel that the 350k km I did, and many off-road made the engine tired.
    Last June I was in the states thought of buying LR4 2016 V8 and take it back with me, but I found out that when car being imported it has to have less than 24 mo on the road and that was not possible at that time, and I don't like the LR5 rounded car...
    Therefore I have in mind to import a refurbished or improved engine from the states.

    That about it.

    Ahh. Against all local regulations I built a nice piece:
    Got reed from the "lifting gudget" and installed an Australian spring kit, which made the local reresentative very sorry.
    Put 2" spacers, and over size tires.
    I damped the rear bumper and made metal one with spare tire and 20L water tank inside the spare rim.

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  5. Gnomad

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    Jul 11, 2018
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    We recently bought another 08 LR3 from a luxury dealership and I had a chance to chat with their LR tech, who they stole fair and square from a dealership, and he relayed his opinions on the whole engine thing.
    He really likes the 4.4, has great faith in it, it's about as bulletproof as an engine gets. He services 4.4's with 275K miles on them, and they need oil and filter and the usual maintenance items, nothing more. He's not so fond of the 5.0, he feels it is prone to sudden failures of the water pump and the usual failures of the timing chain tensioners, also he's not a huge fan of the SC engines. His own vehicles are running 4.4's, and he is of the opinion that the LR3 will start to gain a following because of the bulletproof drivetrain.
    If your 4.4 does manage to die, or you wear it out, they are really comparatively inexpensive at the local boneyards or ebay, because their isn't that much demand for them. A local guy boned out his LR3 and has dropped the asking price on his motor and transmission, obviously not much interest in them. I tought about buying it snd keeping it as a reserve but why bother? The $1600 he wants buys a lot of oil and filters.
    I have also wondered about a turbo or supercharger for a bit more power, the beast is fast enough for normal driving, it feels quicker than our old Suburban with the 5.3.
    And now the crazy part-I like the 4.4 so much that I am seriously thinking of finding a donor LR3 or such and transplanting the drivetrain into my 79 Squarebody to replace the tired 5.7 . That would give me almost twice the HP of that poor old smogged out SBC.
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    Sorry for the late add on but.. If you did replace the LR3 4.4 are any of the replacements that would work with the traction control / off road functions? What would you lose if any with a different engine. If something happened to mine I would probably do a swap and keep it instead of taking it to the scrap yard. I have a 2007 LR3 and a 2016 RR TD6 and love the TD6 so far. Its much faster than the 4.4 and the diesel gets twice the gas milage Wish the LR3 had this engine. If I were to swap it would be for a TD6 or a Cummings but would want to keep the functions of the car. There is also a TD8 for the RR in UK and found a way to import that one day when I was bored.

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