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    Bad tie rod ends?

    This is a bad tie rod end.
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    detachable hitch receiver

    If you do not want to hit it with a hammer you can insert a long piece of 2x2 wood lumber and try moving it until it get loose.
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    Driver door not locking

    You need new door actuator.
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    Stiff brake pedal when cold

    I have been facing this for years. Bleeding the system did not change anything. Anyhow, It as working fine after engine starts.
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    AC Not Blowing Cold...Sometimes

    +1 I had this issue on my 2013 LR4. Replacing the compressor solved the problem.
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    what’s the fastest you’ve gone in your LR4

    It seems the speed limit is not activated for middle east specs. I've hit 220kmh (about 136mph) few years back when the suspension was still in perfect condition.
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    Prospeed ladder installed - tailgate struts need help

    Struts are wearable parts and go bad with time. They are just weak and could not handle the extra weight of the ladder. I believe new set will solve your issue. I have MY13 and recently I have to push the liftgate up to get full lift eventhough I do not have any extra weight.
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    single touch power all the way up on window

    No need for the IID tool. Just close it all the way up and then lift the switch up again and hold it there for 3 seconds until you hear a tick sound that will enable the auto up function.
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    2011, 66k miles, flat battery issues

    My MY13 is on its 4th battery now. The previous one last 15 months only. Thankfully the dealer replaced it under extended warranty. I believe the hot weather here in Middle East kills the battery sooner than expected.
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    LR4 Tail Gate - Auto Lift

    I just found this today. I believe it worth a try.
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    LR4 Seats and Interior rattles

    MY13 and the interior is noisy since day one. The dealer could not do anything other than saying "it is normal".
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    Seat Memory Buttons on 2016 LR4 HSE
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    LR4 with 285/55/20

    Part# LR034159
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    2011 LR4 V8 Overheating

    Supercharged 5.0 from RRS :listen:.

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