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    Any Dash Cams you particularly like for being inconspicuous / ease of install?

    Could you please share the model of your dash cam? Thanks!
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    Worth upgrade LR3 to LR4?

    I had the timing chain/guides done on my 2011 LR4 HSE for $5K by a very competent shop that has former LL mechanics.
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    2011 LR4 - Parking Brake Won't Engage

    Yeah, I am not going to spend much on it, if complicated or expensive.
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    2011 LR4 - Parking Brake Won't Engage

    This is great advice. I am going to start looking today. If I fail to figure this I have an appointment with a mechanic I trust on Wednesday. Thank you!
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    2011 LR4 - Parking Brake Won't Engage

    Ok, will do today. Thanks so much!
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    2011 LR4 - Parking Brake Won't Engage

    No sound, no signs of even trying to engage. Nothing happens at all.
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    2011 LR4 - Parking Brake Won't Engage

    Hi, out of the blue my parking brake won't engage. The only thing I had recently done to my vehicle was mounting of new tires. Any ideas where I should start? Go to a mechanic? I'll be grateful for your insights.
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    Cooper Zeon LTZ

    I just mounted COOPER ZEON LTZ 255/55R19. Local Discount Tire matched Walmart's online price. Someone here was asking for photos showing the mounted Zeon tires.
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    Cooper Zeon LTZ

    Thanks so much for the tip! I called the local Discount Tire and they will match Walmart's price. Just ordered them.
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    Phone Mount For LR4?

    I agree about the ProClip. I have it after trying multiple other mounts and I couldn't have been happier. Sturdy, out of the way, holds the phone in place in all driving conditionsand leaves no mark on your vehicle's interior.
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    How (and why) to disable passive entry

    This is a valid feature for me when I leave a vehicle at the trailheads for mountain running. I don't want to carry a keyfob so I hide a key on the vehicle. Disabling passive entry prevents opening of the doors by pulling on the door handles. I am not too concerned with the security of the...
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    Windscreen Heater

    I am in the same situation, the passenger side windshield heater stopped working on my 2011 LR4. My mechanic replaced some fuse but still no heat. He thinks that I should bring the LR4 in for evaluation. Any ideas?
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    Double Din Radio Installation Fascia

    But what happens to other functions that are displayed and controlled via the original screen? I've been curious about it.
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    Morimoto XB Led Fog Light Install

    I am with ktm525 on this: I want my fog lights to work in the fog. Yellow is the right color for the fog lights to reduce glare/reflection. But yeah, your lights look good now but will be far less useful in the fog. Since EU was mentioned: in several EU countries fog lights are regulated (just...
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    Roof Box Question - LR4

    TrinidadLR4: Have you solved this yet? I installed roof rails on my LR4. If you're still looking, I will share with you the source of roof rails and installation tips.

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