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  1. T

    Used Disco buying tips

    Hi, I’m in the process of understanding what I should be on the lookout for when purchasing a used disco. I had a series II about 20 years and maintained her well, I remember that being a key part in owning a rover. It’s been a while and I’m on the hunt. I’m leaning towards a LR4, heard the...
  2. P

    Pre-Order Advice - 2023 / 2024

    Greetings All - I need some advice and guidance I narrowed my search down to the 2023 / 2024 Range Rover Velar. I am interested in leasing the vehicle (3 years/15,000 miles) and I am willing to do a one-time payment. So - I went down to my local dealer and given the supply constraints of...
  3. MBWIN

    new member from central Illinois searching for the right LR

    I would be very happy to hear from someone who has expertise in these vehicles as I am searching for an older model that will be "my" truck for fun. With 3 pre-teen kids last summer, I traded in our old family vehicle (a beautiful Yukon) for a '21 Honda Odyssey that the wife picked out. I really...
  4. Robert Kinsler

    Help Build Crowd Sourced used LR4 Buyers Guide?

    All, Lets build out a shared google doc used 2010-2013 LR4 buyers guide! Here is the link of what I have gotten started so far. Need input // thoughts on various components to check out, when they should be replaced, maybe even rough pricing maybe for repairs, etc...
  5. sbojangles

    Buying a used high mileage 2010 LR4

    It feels like I've read through a ton of threads all over the internet and have a good idea of issues that need be addressed before any long overland trips as far as preventative maintenance with an LR4. But it's tough to pin down the current value for one of these higher mileage LR4's (I was in...
  6. M

    Thinking about an LR4...

    Thinking about purchasing a used LR4, 2013 or newer. What are your pros and cons? TIA!
  7. S

    Lr3 or Disco I?

    I have owned a Disco I before and loved it. Getting ready to purchase another LR and trying to decide between a LR3 and Disco. Can buy a 150000 mile 2006 LR3 for $5000 or 100000 mile 1998 Disco for $5000. I love the idea of all the technology and much higher hp of LR3, but really concerned...
  8. T


    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to purchase my first LR and looks like I'm in good company on this forum. I think I've researched all I can and am now looking for any nuanced advice from experienced owners, and maybe helpful direction on where to find specialists. I've been looking at 2010-2012...

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