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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to purchase my first LR and looks like I'm in good company on this forum. I think I've researched all I can and am now looking for any nuanced advice from experienced owners, and maybe helpful direction on where to find specialists.

    I've been looking at 2010-2012 LR4s for $20k or less and have found a few that pique my interest. If anyone wants to weigh in on things to consider or which they think is best-- I'm all ears.

    I'm located in the Northeast outside New Haven, CT. I'm interested in feedback on one of the trucks in consideration... Here's the story:

    1. 2010 LR4, $19,995, 80k miles. Very clean inside and out, and a thorough service history that followed the recommended service intervals for oil changes and maintenance. What's concerning is that despite the records, the dealer needed to replace the timing chain tensioners and guide rails, high pressure fuel pumps, and fuel injectors. With the maintenance records as good as they are, I'm worried this could be a lemon! Other vehicles I'm considering range from 2010-2012 with mileage from 80k to 105k, but none of the others have needed this service yet or show the symptoms. Only one of the ones I'm looking at has had the lower control arms replaced, which I've read is essentially the 2nd biggest job at this mileage on these vehicles.

    Any advice or things to think about is greatly appreciated!!
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    Welcome to the forum. I see nothing wrong with a Rover that has had work done. Get a car fax and call the dealership that has worked on the Rover in the past, and ask questions.

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