timing chain

  1. D

    2004 Range Rover HSE

    First post here I for some reason bought a non running 03 Range Rover on whim. You could turn the key till the dash lights came on but it would never engage the starter. I tried replacing relays etc and reset all the immo stuff on the computers with my diagnostic tool but it wouldn’t start. Then...
  2. djkaosone

    djkaosone build thread

    A few people have asked, and I finally decided to create a build tread. I'll update this original post with links to stuff I did to my LR4. 2011 Land Rover LR4 HSE LUX Santorini Black Armor: ASFIR Front Sump skid plate ASFIR Gear skid plate ASFIR Air tank skid plate Terrafirma rock sliders...
  3. Mitch Strickling

    Austin, TX Mechanic Needed

    Hey everybody, I had our 2013 LR4 in the shop about six months ago with some weird brake issues. They mentioned to me that I needed a timing-chain overhaul. I used to work a job where I did not have time to do much research into vehicle issues. Nor was I very interested in trying to fix...
  4. A

    LR4 V8 skipped time finally at 245k

    Our 2010 LR4 HSE has reached the end of our journey together. On Sunday, at 245k miles, she finally skipped time due to loose chains (they had started making noise about 20k ago so I knew what was coming). So my question is, what to do with her? Copart will give me $2,200 and tow it away, which...
  5. PSU_Rover

    Considering a 2014 LR4 Lux Package.... Need Some Advice

    Hello all, I have opportunity to buy a well maintained 2014 HSE LUX/ 3.0 scv6. It was originally owned in Michigan and now here in Pennsylvania. The price is fair, so I have a little wiggle room to do some preventive maintenance. The vehicle has 63,500 miles on it, with the two notable repairs...
  6. S

    Does this 5.0 sound healthy?

    I want to thank everyone on this forum for all the information, helping me know what to expect when buying a Land Rover. ❤️ Dreamt of of owning one my whole life and I love the LR4. I had posted a couple weeks about buying an LR4 and I had everything sorted out and the dealership sold it from...
  7. L

    Anyone know a place that can service an LR4 timing chain in Omaha?

    100k miles on my LR4, 2012 V8. Dealership says timing chain needs service and gave me a ridiculous 5 figure quote. Anyone know a reliable honest mechanic in Omaha area that can do this job? I know it requires special tools. Everyone else, how much did it cost you? Thx
  8. Brandon B

    2010 RRSC Timing Chain Guide Going...

    Hey Y'all, so my 2010 Range Rover SC is starting to make the sound and is now accompanied by a check engine light. Before I start taking it out for estimates, I am curious what some of you have paid recently to get this fixed. Being SC, I assume this will include more man hours to fix? I saw on...
  9. T


    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to purchase my first LR and looks like I'm in good company on this forum. I think I've researched all I can and am now looking for any nuanced advice from experienced owners, and maybe helpful direction on where to find specialists. I've been looking at 2010-2012...

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