1. wallyyfm

    South Florida Indy Shops

    Hello all, I will hopefully be moving to south Florida at the end of the year. Does anyone know of any good independent shops? I’m debating on doing my service before I take off or down south. If someone had a good recommendation I may hit that spot up once I’m settled. Thanks
  2. txfromwi

    How To - DIY - 2016 LR4 - F/R Crossover Pipes, Water Pump, Thermostat, Coolant, Supercharger Oil, Supercharger Coupling

    Just completed and crazy long. But here it is. I hope it's helpful!
  3. S

    Looking for a decently priced 2011 LR4 engine 5.0 non supercharged

    So this is probably a long shot but I can’t not try. I just picked this rover up and the motor is seized. Looks like oil starvation ar this point but I still need to pull the heads. Knowing my luck I’m going to need a engine. So anybody have one laying around? First post, hopfully posted in the...
  4. westcoastrover

    Bay Area (SF) Rec for an Independent Land Rover Service Shop

    Any Bay Area (SF) LR4 operators have a recommendation for an Independent Land Rover Service Shop? Thanks
  5. westcoastrover

    GAP TOOL (LA or SF)?! 2015 LR4

    I just need the GAP TOOL to turn off the DRL (Daytime Running Lights) that are stock/factory installed on my 2015 LR4. Would anyone in the West Coast Land Rover community who owns the GAP TOOL be willing to turn it off for me?! I tried the dealer to no avail plus the start-up disable steps and...
  6. B

    Is HD package so useful in snow?

    Hey! Bonjour from Quebec Canada! I read many about LR4 in the snow and still have a question. Well, I decided to go for an LR4. Now hesitating between two Landmark 2016, both 70K miles… one with locking diff, and the other one without. The one with the HD package has a coolant leak on...
  7. E

    Rear Parking Sensor Alarm

    2011 LR4 Can the rear park distance sensors, or audible alarm, be disabled without affecting the backup camera with the Gap IID tool? I can't find any helpful information on this. TIA
  8. Wrstewart

    New LR4 Owner

    Hey Guys, Im Ricky, nice to meet you. I thought I would finally introduce myself after my third week with my Sumatra black 2012 LR4 LUX and an interesting story to tell. I bought the truck from a girl whose parents gave it to her (must be nice) so I was able to get it for a great price. It...
  9. J

    Lr4 in Bean Town

    Bean town winter last year. Greatest vehicle ever
  10. Bryan Jones

    Weird suspension fault

    After about 40-45 minutes of mainly highway driving I get an Amber "suspension fault" light on the dash. Turn the truck off, turn it back on, light goes away. Another 40-45 minutes of mainly highway driving, it comes back on. The weird part is, the truck will still raise and lower as it...
  11. L

    active_network_configuration `? - SDD

    Friends, what is the meaning of: active_network_configuration `? I've RCM and SODL, SODR reporting that, whilst other modules report more usual 6006 or other numbers. Worth mentioning is that RCM is after Crash Data clear though same value was before. Airbag is disconnected (was deployed...
  12. BillyBones

    Buying an LR4 from a Buick dealer?? Please help

    TLDR: "My question is, is this too good to be true? Should I not trust a Buick dealer shop to do timing chains on an LR4?": Hi! I've been lurking for a while and am thankful for all the info I've gleaned from this forum. I've been trying to buy an LR4 for a few months and I finally made a...
  13. T

    Different Style Timing Chains?

    Hello out there LR folks! I've got a bit of an interesting situation on my hands. Long story even longer, I'm rebuilding a 5.0 SC RRS engine. Here's the rub....I have ordered all new timing components from Land Rover British, and pretty much everything is OEM....not a problem....until I got...
  14. taxi

    Pre-facelift grille paint job with colored trim

    Hey everyone, new LR4 owner here, happy to join to community. I recently picked up this very clean 2013 with only 41K miles for a great deal. I love the 2013's V8 but was at first a little disappointed I just missed out on the "facelift" of 2014+. Shortly after I realized that the only thing I...
  15. T

    2016 Landrover LR4 20” factory wheels and Pirelli 255/50/R20 tires (set of 4)

    RELISTING (reduced price) 2016 Landrover LR4 20” 5 spoke diamond turned alloy factory wheels and Pirelli 255/50/R20 tires (set of 4) $1400 OBO Rims are in superb condition and tires have lots of tread left Feel free to reach out to me via email or text Cell: (760)-846-4791 Email...
  16. S

    Trailer brake lights not working

    Installed a 7 pin Land Rover wiring harness for on my 2013 LR4. Pretty sure the brake lights were working for a bit, but now there are not. Hazards work turn indicators work, the brake works and the brake controller works. I just don’t get brake lights. I have checked all the fuses and...
  17. F

    Should I buy this LR4?

    I have my eye on a 2014 LR4 HSE with just over 100k for $20k. It seems underpriced so I got a PPI done. Hoping to get some opinions from some of you knowledgable folk (have not owned a LR4 before). The carfax attached shows it was serviced regularly but doesn’t list any major repairs. I had a...
  18. jeffdude

    2015 LR4 - want a full size spare

    I have had a very cool Front Runner rack system and recently purchased the spare carrier for the roof. The donut does not very cool :( So looking at used 5x20 19" rims there is a limited choice when matching the style. My question is, can I use any 2000 or newer Land Rover 19" rim? I...
  19. Colorado Rover

    A few pics from the first trail/camp of the season!

    Took the LR4 out for some weekend camping and a quick trail run. Was great to get out!
  20. JWLR4

    Exploring Cashes Valley with My LR4

    I recently had an opportunity to take my LR4 out to explore Cashes Valley, which is about 85 miles or so north of Atlanta. It’s a beautiful area and Cashes Valley Road has multiple stream crossings.
  21. JWLR4

    Question on rear crossover/heater pipe failures

    I just ordered a rear crossover/heater pipe for my ‘11 LR4 and am wondering if there’s any solid intel on catastrophic failures for that part. I know the front crossover has a well documented history of catastrophic failure, but what about the rear? I’ve really only seen reports of nuisance...
  22. D

    LR4 Front door speakers working only, nothing from rear :(

    For some time now my discovery 4 has had terrible audio, out of all the many speakers only the front door card speakers are working. have looked all over the web to no avail hoping the amp is okay they are not cheap. Hope someone can assist me i miss having the music up load.
  23. kevinkelley

    ARB locker installed in 2012 LR4 (factory non-HD)

    2012 LR4, 65k miles non-HD: Just recently had an ARB locker installed. Also, at the same time, did the timing chain and few other engine bay items such as crank battery replaced, steering hose, vacuum pump and replaced rear control arms with poly bushings. Everything is good with exception of...
  24. MBWIN

    new member from central Illinois searching for the right LR

    I would be very happy to hear from someone who has expertise in these vehicles as I am searching for an older model that will be "my" truck for fun. With 3 pre-teen kids last summer, I traded in our old family vehicle (a beautiful Yukon) for a '21 Honda Odyssey that the wife picked out. I really...
  25. B

    Charge fridge battery without draining main battery

    Hey Guys, I have a Dometic fridge and a PLB40 in my LR4. I used to connect the PLB40 battery through the 12V plug in the back of the truck. But I had my garage create an Anderson plug underneath the back seats to keep things neat. Problem is that I think it's drawing power directly from the...

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