1. BigBriDogGuy

    Increased Performance

    I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience with doing things that increased or improved performance on their LR4? I'm hoping to do a full overhaul of the vehicle in the near future. Preventative maintenance to avoid catastrophic failure is a necessary evil. It doesn't move the...
  2. L

    Control arm fail

    Hello. Has anyone seen a control arm fail like this? These were installed at the end of 2019, the heavy duty control arm polybush set from Lucky8. It ripped the CV shaft straight out! Luckily we were pulling out of a parking spot when it happened and not driving along the highway. We do not do...
  3. M

    2013 LR4 with overheated engine...what would you pay

    Good afternoon, I am curious to get some thoughts on how much you would pay for a 2013 LR4 HSE with 80k miles, perfect suspension but the engine was overheated by the previous owner and the heads and head gaskets need to be re-done. I'm not looking for opinions on if you would touch it or if you...
  4. C

    Smoke on startup after longer trips

    Recently purchased a ‘16 lr4 w 70k miles and have noticed a decent amount of smoke from the exhaust on startup but only after the car was driven a longer distance (like an hour or so) then sits for a while. If I am just taking short trips then there is no smoke. Even longer trips where the car...
  5. BigBriDogGuy

    Nickname for LR4?

    Seems like a lot of folks have nicknames for their rides. I'm thinking about "Stomper" because the shape reminds me of a hiking boot which we used to call a "Waffle Stomper". I've also considered "Escape Pod" or simply "The Pod" or "The Ark" (same idea). "My Precious"? (Maybe hitting too...
  6. sdtim

    Piston tolerance?

    2015 SCV6. Does this look like it's within factory tolerance?
  7. P

    Mechatronic Replacement

    Hiya folks, I've got a North American 2013 LR4 5.0l V8 currently located in the UK right now, having been imported to the UK from the US during a relocation a couple of years back. At present, the LR4 is in need of a mechatronic unit replacement. My mechanic is a UK LR specialist but they have...
  8. BigBriDogGuy

    Fully Loaded

    The Clover Rover is earning her keep today. Spring cleaning, clearing out the garage and stacking it in storage. Fold flat seats are amazing. Tall cabin too. I can load it completely and the process for doing so never seems tortured or awkward. Everything just slides in. This is the first...
  9. San Moritz LR4

    Adding Upgrades to My 2012 LR4 -

    Building Your LR4 to Hit the Trails So, you’ve bought yourself the most capable “mall crawler” on the planet, the LR4 (LR3 included.) But…you don’t want to go the mall; you want to hit the great outdoors and take the road less traveled. You’ve already done the most important upgrade you can do...
  10. N

    Screeching sound in front of car after first turned off

    First want to say ive been reading here for a while and happy to finally have an LR4 and be a part of the community! Background, I have a 2011 LR4 HSE (white paint with black interior) with 176k miles on it. I bought it from a LR mechanic that has recently changed out the timing chain, front...
  11. BigBriDogGuy

    Customized Decal

    Created this customized decal to personalize my LR4. We got an Irish Setter pup for the girls this Christmas. They named her "Clover" so I thought I would do something fun by playing off the Land Rover name and logo. We take her everywhere with us, so now it is the "Clover Rover". :)
  12. BigBriDogGuy

    LR Time YouTube Videos

    These videos are hilarious. Really entertaining. They feature a German couple, Christian and Vera, and their obsession with fixing and maintaining Land Rovers (LR3s and LR4s). Christian has a complete machine shop at home (including a power lift that he built) and an obsession with fixing...
  13. G

    Is this a bad tie rod?

    I've been getting what feels like a lot of steering shake when driving over bumps or rough road. No shake or wobble or anything when driving at any speed on smooth roads. More like the steering jerks left or right when hitting bumps. I tried swapping front and rear wheels- no difference...
  14. BigBriDogGuy

    Freeway Speed Vibration or Rattle on Passenger Side near Windshield

    Recently bought a 2011 LR4 and noticed that when I get to speed on the freeway I start hearing a vibration or rattle near the windshield on the passenger side or maybe the dash near the windshield (it's hard to tell). It only happens when I get to over 55 or 60 mph. It's not all that loud just...
  15. G

    Can anyone identify this slow ticking noise?

    Cold start on a 2013 LR4. This slow metallic sounding ticking noise only happens sometimes and just for a minute or two on cold start. Can anyone identify it?
  16. Edgyver

    B11DB-87 Battery Monitoring Module Fault

    I'm having a charging issue with my 2011 LR4. I got a battery light and not charging message while driving. I hooked up my Gap tool and found that at idle the alternator load was 100% with minimal accessories on. After checking the basics, I replaced the alternator and battery with an OEM Denso...
  17. G

    Land Rover LR4 2015 keeps entering valet mode on its own

    Hello all, I purchased a used Land Rover 2015 LR4 early in 2022, and it's been an amazing ride. However, recently, the vehicle enters valet mode on its own, and I can no longer access any of the navigation or audio functionalities as a result. I usually take it to the dealer, and they reset the...
  18. D_Walt

    Cars and Bids LR4 Purchase & More

    A few weeks ago I purchased an LR4 form Cars and Bids with around 88,000 miles. I've gone back and forth on getting into a Land Rover for years and decided now was a good enough time, as prices have withdraw from pandemic highs. Dealers still want 19-25k for a decent LR4 or sport. It's a second...
  19. D_Walt

    LR4 5.0 (2012) engine bay rattle when cold

    I recently purchased a 2012 LR4 with the 5.0L v8 on original timing chains with 88k miles. While the engine is noisy, I don’t believe there is any timing chain slap. However, a distinct rattle can be heard from the engine bay when cold. It’s not the failed fan clutch tick, this is much quicker...
  20. S

    Camshaft Sensor and Low Oil Level..

    i have a 70k mile 2016 LR4 that blew an engine from the coolant (crossover pipe) issue. I had a refurbished motor installed about 6 months ago. It took forever and cost too much.. Now we have some new issues. 1. Last week the check engine light came on and showed codes for Camshaft Sensor...
  21. westernrover

    Yet another potential timing chain issue?

    Im running a 2010 LR4 with 82k miles, purchased 10 months ago. The other day I noticed a sound that made me shiver. After doing plenty of research on timing chain issues, im afraid im the next to fall victim. I'm not currently reading any faults from my IIDTool. I've tried the oil filler cap...
  22. S

    Timing chain - advice - sigh

    Some advice please team. 2013 lr4 - 130km I bought an lr4 last year and before I bought it I had it checked by both JLR and a private LandRover shop. It had a few issues with front bushings and air filters which I replaced. Timing chain looks like it had a lot of life. I just took it in to...
  23. dtopkin

    "Air Suspension Not In Customer Mode" when trying to calibrate

    Folks, trying to calibrate my suspension on my 2015 LR4 using the Gap IID tool, and every time I’m just about to calibrate I get the “air suspension not in customer mode” warning on the dash. I did go through the whole routine disabling build mode, and then re-enabling EAS… but then when I go...
  24. wallyyfm

    South Florida Indy Shops

    Hello all, I will hopefully be moving to south Florida at the end of the year. Does anyone know of any good independent shops? I’m debating on doing my service before I take off or down south. If someone had a good recommendation I may hit that spot up once I’m settled. Thanks
  25. txfromwi

    How To - DIY - 2016 LR4 - F/R Crossover Pipes, Water Pump, Thermostat, Coolant, Supercharger Oil, Supercharger Coupling

    Just completed and crazy long. But here it is. I hope it's helpful!

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