1. C

    New Wheels and Tires for Sale

    255/55 R20 OEM wheels and tires taken off at dealership upon delivery. Near zero miles and for sale as a set. Originally on a 2019 Discovery but fit 2017 to current. $2200 or best offer. Local pickup in Knoxville, TN or Buyer to pay shipping.
  2. T

    2016 Landrover LR4 20” factory wheels and Pirelli 255/50/R20 tires (set of 4)

    RELISTING (reduced price) 2016 Landrover LR4 20” 5 spoke diamond turned alloy factory wheels and Pirelli 255/50/R20 tires (set of 4) $1400 OBO Rims are in superb condition and tires have lots of tread left Feel free to reach out to me via email or text Cell: (760)-846-4791 Email...
  3. Timbo

    FS: Set of stock 19inch wheels with Bridgestone tires, good condition

    Set of four 19" wheels from a 2006 HSE LR3, along with BRIDGESTONE DUELER H/L ALENZA 255/55/19 tires. The wheels have been wrapped with black matte plasti-dip, which is in good shape (I haven't cleaned them for the photos), so I assume the wheel underneath is still in pristine condition given...
  4. jeffdude

    2015 LR4 - want a full size spare

    I have had a very cool Front Runner rack system and recently purchased the spare carrier for the roof. The donut does not very cool :( So looking at used 5x20 19" rims there is a limited choice when matching the style. My question is, can I use any 2000 or newer Land Rover 19" rim? I...
  5. A

    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Hello I'm new here looking for advice! tires need to be replaced asap on my 2013 LR4. Currently they are stock 20" rims with Perelli road tires. I would prefer 18-19" and AT tires. nothing crazy, but just to visit the mountains and do a bit of overlanding... interested in a Baja style 18x8...
  6. T

    Lr4 frame sliders / sill plate / steel bumpers

    Hi all, Just purchased my first LR4 (2011) and hoping for a little guidance on preferred frame step sliders / sill plate / fender protection and over size tires? also was hoping to add a bit of additional lift (a la old man emu) but wondering if advisable or would such interventions be in...
  7. JWLR4

    Getting tires installed at Discount Tire - Lift Concerns?

    I’m about to have some Toyo Open Country AT IIIs installed tomorrow at Discount Tire and need to know if there’s any special procedures for them getting it in the air. I’ll obviously point out the compressor location, so they don’t crush it, but does anything need to be done to deal with the air...
  8. Timbo

    Will I still be able to drive these tires with a suspension fault?

    I apologize for yet another tire question, though I genuinely couldn't find an answer on this or other boards. I looking to put on some OEM 18" alloy wheels with some BFG KO2 265/60R18's onto my 2006 LR3 (which currently has the stock 255/55R19 wheel). NB, I'm looking to buy the wheels from...
  9. 2


    We’re looking to replace the Perrelli Scorpion tires that came on out 2014 Supercharged LWB. Any info on their experience with all season tires? We like Michelin and looking at the Pilot AS 4 series. Pricy but they are good tires
  10. BriComp

    18" Wheels w/o modifications

    I am hoping that I have found a combo that works and wanted to see if anyone else has some experience/insight with smaller wheels. Black Rhino Barstow, 18x8 5-120 (BKMTXX) BFG T/A KO2 LT265/60 R18, 119S E1 Will that work without me having to make any modifications to anything on the truck? Not...
  11. K

    tires for LR4

    i would like to hear peoples' opinions and reasoning for the tires they have, like/dislike, etc. Currently running continental terrain contact 19's, but looking for something more heavy duty
  12. pabs406

    Selling my Goodyear Duratracs, 255/55/19

    Hello Fellow Forum Members! I decided to go with the 18” TuffAnt wheels, so I am selling 4 Goodyear Duratrac tires, 255/55/19. I’ve had them for almost 1 year and have put almost 10,000 miles on them. Tires still have plenty of meat on them. I am located in the Los Angeles area in California...
  13. Chris B

    GYW DuraTrac 265 60R 18 on stock 06 LR3 HSE??

    Just purchased new 18 inch wheels along with some nice DuraTracs (265 60R 18). My '06 LR3 HSE is completely stock. Will I have issues with the new tires? I do a fair amount of day to day driving in this vehicle so before I put them on I would like to know if they will be okay to keep on all...
  14. Jamesdiego0011

    New to site - sorta. Been in the background for a 5 years- I have a question

    Hello - JamesDiego here. I was a member many years ago but now just re-joined this summer. I have a 2012 RR L322 and now just restored my 04 D2. I am now needing to replace the tires on the D2 as it has been garaged for 5 years. I am not sure what tires to get right now. I believe the tires...
  15. quirozson

    255/55R19 Pictures! Duratrac vs. Geolandar A/T G015 vs. Terrain Contact A/T

    So, committed to stock 19" rims for my 2011 LR4 and have already read all the forums. My practical mind says I should get the Yokohama's and the kid in me wants the Duratrac's. I've more or less ruled out Zeon LTZ's because if I go that aggressive I'm going with the Duratracs. Most driving...
  16. S

    Discovery Sport - All Terrain Tire Recommendations

    Hi all, Does anyone have a solid recommendation for an all terrain tire for the Discovery Sport 18" wheels? I'm looking for something that will be good for regular driving which will be the majority of the time, but also good in snow/ice during the winter and occasional dirt roads. Is there a...

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