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Feb 10, 2013
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I need help with the advanced towing package on my Defender. I purchased my 2022 L663 110 with the tow assist package. Finally bought a trailer and can't figure out how to use it. I've looked through hours of YouTube videos. I went and added a trailer, inputted the length to the single axle and the width. Then drove it forward for about 50 yards as instructed. The note on the screen telling me to drive forward went away, but nothing about it being calibrated. When I go to back it up, I expected to see the purple lines at the width of the trailer projecting backwards. All I see are two lines near the centerline about an 1" long. It is projected onto the trailer itself. Hardly useful. Also, I thought I saw a video before I bought the vehicle, that showed turning one of the temperature knobs to control backing it up. No such function. All the videos show Land Rover models with the terrain selection button on the console.

Another weird thing is that it now expects a trailer when I back up all the time. I now have a red and orange line. The orange line shows a trailer icon when I back up to the orange line, and the hitch icon when I back up to the red. Is that right?

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