ARB locker installed in 2012 LR4 (factory non-HD)

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Jan 24, 2015
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2012 LR4, 65k miles non-HD:

Just recently had an ARB locker installed.
Also, at the same time, did the timing chain and few other engine bay items such as crank battery replaced, steering hose, vacuum pump and replaced rear control arms with poly bushings.

Everything is good with exception of a new issue since all the work was completed which might be an ARB Locker issue but I’m currently investigating/troubleshooting.

I’m having a front traction control issue.

Traction control issue better explained: It feels like a front wheel drive vehicle hunting for traction in slippery conditions, but I'm on dry pavement. DSC nor any other warning lights come on. No faults at all light up on dashboard.

To help troubleshoot the issue, the dealership took 4 stock wheels from another LR4 in the shop, put them on my vehicle, test drove the truck and no issue with the traction control. so they say...

The dealership measured the tread on front and rear. Big difference between them, front are like new, rear with 5% life so I replaced the rear tires. Doing this didn’t fix the issue.

Taking the truck back to the auto shop for further/deeper investigation.

Any thoughts, guidance, advice please share.

A little bit of regret going on. Feeling like I should have replaced the front control arms along with the rears that I had done and skipped the locker. I’ve always relied on lifted, good tires and good wheel placement and a great spotter. Along with maxtracs and a winch.

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