Gas Flange Recall Service

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Oct 25, 2021
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Inland Empire, California USA
Hello to all the members,
I want to first thank everyone active in the forums as I have learned much from reading various posts. I am a first time Land Rover Owner. I purchased a 2012 LR4 HSE with HD Package 104K miles in early October 2021. I had a PPI done and the truck passed muster. I had all of the recommended 10 year services along with new spark plugs, brake lines and fluids, all done at an independent shop in October. The truck has been running smooth with no mechanical issues. I had some electronic glitches with the touch screen early on but have not had any issues since.
I learned about the Gas Flange Recall in late October 2021. I did start to smell gas fumes occasionally starting in late October, but no obvious gas leaks. I contacted local dealership in October but was informed they were waiting for repair instructions and parts from Land Rover corporate. I finally got an appointment to do the recall repair next week June 28, 2021. Hearing about all the not so good experiences of so many owners at car dealerships in general and more so with Land Rover, I'm worried that the dealership may cause collateral damage as they do the repair.
So my questions are:
1) How was your truck after the repair?
2) Was there any unexpected issues or damage found related to the gas flange leak that required additional work not covered by the recall campaign?
3) Are there any known issues related to the leak that should be checked out and addressed?
4) Will the recall repair be covered if done by an independent shop?
5) How long did the repair take? I was told by the dealership service rep that it would be a 2 hour job, so I was planning on waiting at the dealership while they did the work.
6) Was there any issues or problems that occurred after the repair job?
7) Is there anything else I should consider before having the repair done at the dealership?
Depending on your feedback, I may reschedule the repair or proceed as scheduled.
Thank you all in advance for your responses,


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Dec 31, 2015
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Almost all your questions, if not all, are answered in this thread:


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