Introducing myself and my 2015 LR4 with ARB Bull Bar - Need Advice


Jun 18, 2018
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Salt Lake City, UT
I was sad to give up my 7 spoke 19s the second after buying our truck and I have to say that yours look excellent with the powder-coating. Also, good to hear that the Duratracs have served you well.

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Well thanks! It was a bit of a mistake, as I powdercoated them before realize how few options there are in the 19, but I’m happy with it afterall. I go back and forth on if I should black out the middle cap that I left silver with LR logo... some days I love that it’s clear that they are stock rims, just a little fancied-up — and other days, I wish they, along with the lug nuts were blacked out as well.

Oh... this LR obsession/sickness is a terrible wonderful thing, isn’t it?!

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Apr 1, 2019
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Welcome aboard Ryan, I have a LR3 at home with 17" rims, and some friends with bigger wheels. I understand 19" are very difficult to find specific rubbers, but in my opinion, I may try to keep standard rimms with some tyres who complement with what you want.

About your LR4, it looks awesome!


'11 LR4 HSE LUX 5.0L V8
Oct 26, 2015
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1) Is there something I’m searching wrong here because in my research I’m finding less options in the 18” wheel size?

Yes, you're searching the wrong tire size. Look at 265/60r18 and there's a plethora more. Also look at other widths too, 275, 285, etc... Basically the doors of tires open up. 19s have less than 5 tire options total.

2) Other than having more sidewall, is there any other reason I would regret sticking with 19” wheels for occasional off-road use?

Yes... Small and remote tire shops do not carry anything in 19s.

Airing down less than 30 psi sucks on 19s.

Any off road tire in 19s really aren't worth it. I had 6 Goodyear Duratracs and 4 of them had sidewall cuts on easy rock gardens at 25 psi. 30 psi and up were ok, but harder ride.

3) Anybody have a good wheel suggestion in 19” because I’m not loving the options on for wheels that fit the LR4.

Tuffant, Compomotives, Lucky8 steelies and some other ones out there.

Overall, going to 18s will open up more tire selections and offer better tires at lower costs.

I had 6 Duratracs, bought 2 spares, and it came out to about $2400.

I ended up spending $1k on a conversion, 6x 17s wheels ($500), 6x KO2s ($1300), and it was about $2800.

Doing the math, in the long run it's cheaper to pony up and do 17s or 18s because tires are that much cheaper.


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Sep 3, 2015
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Melbourne, Australia
G'day Ryan Z. Welcome to ownership of the World's best all-round vehicle!!
I have a 2014 TDV6 in same colour. Re wheels/Tyres; the best aftermarket wheel is without question the Compomotive 18". It is stronger than the OE 19" & can handle more weight. The Compo in "Anthracite" grey looks brilliant with our colour D4. I prefer the BFG A/T KO2's over the equivalent Cooper, but mainly because over 20 years & several sets
they have never failed me, even in our very harsh, flinty deserts in Australia, I chose to run the 265/60 X 18 size to avoid
any rubbing at all in any conditions. The sidewall height is fine in all conditions I encounter. I air-down slightly less than
if I had 265/65's (2psi only) & my beast goes anywhere. Even if I did not have my spare on a Kaymar swing carrier it would still fit fully inflated under the back. That size also keeps the speedo/odo more accurate. My fuel economy is virtually unchanged from the OE 19" wheels with Wranglers.
Moving the spare to a carrier enables fitting of a 110 liter aux. fuel tank. (Brown Davis). APT Offroad in Brisbane make
excellent 'Sliders & compressor & air-tank guards which are seriously recommended if you're getting into rocky trails.
The ARB bullbar is a top piece of gear. ARB were very slow in updating their bar for the 2014 update D4 & stuffed me around for 6 months, so I bought the very similar & equally strong Opposite Lock bullbar which had just been updated.
Enjoy your truck. Always remember you own the best vehicle, so don't compromise on aftermarket gear. Buy the best
you can afford. Find a great indy LR mechanic to do your servicing & repairs & drive it forever. There's NOTHING on the market new to compare with a good condition D4.
P.S. mbw.... your D4 looks superb too!!!


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Mar 11, 2006
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I go back and forth on if I should black out the middle cap that I left silver with LR logo... some days I love that it’s clear that they are stock rims, just a little fancied-up — and other days, I wish they, along with the lug nuts were blacked out as well.

Here are the black lug nuts:!90003!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0

I bought the silver version since the caps on my OE lug nuts were getting twisted and sticking inside the socket.

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