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    Front skid plate options?

    Got to a computer so able to upload some pics.
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    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    I hope you get it soon. I just ordered one a few weeks ago and hope to get it by March. They said 8-10 weeks but, evidently, could stretch out even more. My LR4 has 131k so hopefully not crazy. It’s a great adventure mobile and the rear tire carrier is needed for a larger tire. Plus the 2...
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    2010 lr4 Bluetooth?

    The Bovee 1000 adapter seems like the easiest, but not cheap, way to get Bluetooth music and other audio but it doesn’t support phone audio. It’s what I have and it works great. Phone audio directly pairs to Land Rover Bluetooth and use code 2121 to pair. Bovee 1000 Bundle with RR iPod...
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    TIRE noob HELP. Thought and input - Duratrac 275s

    Lucky8 has a SYA spacers plus lift rods kit.
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    Front skid plate options?

    I endorse APT as well, quality products. I got the front, sump, transmission, compressor, air tank, and LCA skid plates shipped to the US in a couple of weeks. The service and install videos Ben provides plus a competitive price was worth patronizing a business like this.
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    My dash lit up like a christmas tree after driving in snow.

    I tend to think that the faults were not associated with the EPB module but rather some connection in the ABS or wheel rate sensors was either jarred loose or misaligned briefly so as to not be read by the computer causing the faults. To get to the EPB module the wheels and brake calipers were...
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    My dash lit up like a christmas tree after driving in snow.

    After going up a hill at a local OHV park that didn't look too bad but felt steep after getting on it and reversing down it I got many dash waring lights and many dash faults (ABS, SC not working, EBD fault, transmission fault, camera fault), and an even longer list of GAP tool fault codes. Even...
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    Extended Warranty

    Not too bad. Also gives $80 for each oil change up to 3x a year. Never used it because it’s still cheaper and more convenient to do it myself.
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    Extended Warranty

    They all failed so they were covered. No preventive parts replacement under this warranty. Otherwise I would have the timing chain done.
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    Extended Warranty

    I purchased a 2010 LR4 with 93k miles in June 2019 and got a 3 year/36k warranty from Gold Standard Automotive Network from the used car dealer for $3200. So far has about paid for itself. New LCA bushings, radiator, water pump, alternator, $200 towards new brake rotors plus one or two smaller...
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    Phone Mount For LR4?

    I don’t have pics but it essentially wedges itself on that flat area on the dash to the left of the vent. A little lip from the Proclip inserts into the crack/seem on the top and bottom of that Flat space. The Proclip is a flat surface and any phone mount can be screwed into it or any adhesive...
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    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) failure

    Before it broke I never really noticed any sound when applying the parking brake. Since the repair I’ve sometimes noticed a very faint mechanical whir lasting 1-2 seconds both applying and releasing it, which was probably there all along. I don’t use the drive away release feature either (it...
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    Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) failure

    I fixed my parking brake in a 2010 LR4 just last month by removing entire module and cables and replaced the gears ($15 from eBay) and I thought it much easier than anticipated. Earlier in this thread I linked a video chronicling a British man changing a LR3 parking brake and it wasn’t anywhere...
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    105K Service // Full Schedule // Cat Replacement

    At 105k spark plugs are scheduled to be replaced. An indy shop in San Francisco quoted me $800 just for the plugs. A regular service at 90k was $560 (I believe just the oil change is a bit over $200). If the $650 includes new plugs, that sounds like a good deal. Otherwise, like others have...
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    Let's try to get the facts down on tensioner issues

    Thank you for the clarification it’s super helpful and very informative. I must have confused drive belt for timing chain on its scheduled maintenance. My ignorance about cars knows no bounds so I’m always happy when someone takes time to explain. Thanks again!

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