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    Indy shop/Private Mechanics in NYC?

    I used Rover Specialists in Clifton NJ to replace my crossovers and water pump. It's an easy trip from NYC. They knew exactly what to do, and did it quickly. They saved all of the old parts so I could see them. Their pricing was similar to a dealer though.
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    Truck Burning Rich

    Thanks for the concern, but it's not raw fuel. Could be a leaking injector. I'll check it out. Thanks.
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    Truck Burning Rich

    I do not get black smoke. The odor of fuel in the fumes does not go away.
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    Truck Burning Rich

    I have a 2013 HSE with 60k miles. It has been dealer maintained since new. Recently I noticed a strong fuel odor from the exhaust when I start the truck in the morning. It is definitely burning rich. Any thoughts regarding why this is happening and what I can do about it?
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    V8 Coolant Manifold / Crossover & Maintenance Parts List

    I have a 2013 LR4 HSE with 60k miles. I've owned it since new. I replaced the front cross over, water pump, belts, thermostat and hoses yesterday. The front cross over looked fine actually. It was not brittle and coming apart like some of the photos I have seen on here. Was happy to get it...
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    Can I Get My Vehicle Service History Online

    Can anyone assist with this?
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    AC Not Blowing Cold...Sometimes

    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like it could be the compressor. I'll have it at an Indy this week to be checked out.
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    Can I Get My Vehicle Service History Online

    I have a 2013 that I bought new from a local dealer. The vehicle has been serviced there as well since new. I'm now switching to an independent service center and I'd like to have a list of everything that has been done to the vehicle over the years. I've tried to locate my vehicle service...
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    AC Not Blowing Cold...Sometimes

    I have noticed a difference between in-motion and not. However, the other day I was driving for about 30 minutes, the cabin was cool, and then suddenly the air coming out of the vents was warm while I was in motion.
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    AC Not Blowing Cold...Sometimes

    I have a 2013 LR4 V8 with 59k miles. Recently the AC intermittently blows cold for several minutes and then warm for several minutes. It does this whether the settings are on auto or manual...or whether its using outside air or recirculating air. I need to take it in to my indy shop, but...
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    Seat Belt Part

    The black plastic casing has broken off one of my second row seat belt receptacles. I can order the entire assembly for about $100. It is part number LR009291. But I'd rather just order the black plastic casing. Does anyone know if I can purchase just the casing and not the entire assembly...
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    Sunroof Adjustment - Wind Noise

    My sunroof makes a lot of wind noise. If I grab the roof from the inside along the front edge with my fingernails and pull it down slightly then the noise goes away. If I push up lightly on the front edge the noise gets significantly worse. I can tell the driver's side gasket is slightly...
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    WeatherTech vs ? floor liners

    The OEM's come only in black. I have tan carpet too, and I think they look fine. I have all three rows plus the cargo mat. Yes they leak a little on the edges if you drag in a lot of snow, but they are still superior to the Weathertechs. I have had tan winter mats on previous vehicles and as...
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    WeatherTech vs ? floor liners

    I'm not a Weathertech fan. I have tried the liners and the all-weather mats in two different vehicles and neither was a good fit, and one in particular was a terrible fit. I also bought into the laser fit advertising. I think they should spend less money advertising and use the savings to fix...
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    How to change the battery in LR4 key fob

    The replacement key fob cover for a 2013 LR4 is part number LR078922. I purchased one today at the dealer for $12.95. It is very simple to take the existing fob apart, pull the circuit board, put it into the new case and reassemble the entire thing.

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