Best way to sell my LR4?


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Sep 14, 2020
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Saint Louis, MO
Friends, it's looking like it's getting to be that time. I have loved my 2015 LR4 since it was new. I recently moved my parents back up from FL and since only my mother is driving now, we really have too many cars in the family. I'm just moving up my timeline as I should be getting a new Rivian (if/whenever they start delivering, lol).

Oddly enough I have had exceptionally good luck selling the last few cars through Carvana but they don't even have the correct options for my LR4...for instance, I can't select "Lux" and there is no "HD" option either.

I'd appreciate any recommendations.



I had success with Autotrader. I sold my 2016 LR4 LandMark Edition and ended up getting $5k under what I paid. I had 13k miles on it, garage kept. Cost me $50 for the listing. Buyer was a famous rock star who flew in to get it. I had others on the wait list too.


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Nov 7, 2011
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I'm in the Craiglist / Autotrader / private sale camp here. Not sure I could live with myself giving away +/-30% to a dealer. There are a ton of retail buyers out there that need used vehicles right now. Just have to **** through the wholesale / dealer lowball phone calls, but that's easy. I sold my 07' GMC truck in 72 hours earlier this year and made 40% over what Car Max offered. I'm sure I could have made even more but at that rate I was content. It was great! Good luck either way you go.

Yeah and the Stealership after lowballing you and giving the vehicle the required safety check, quick clean interior, wash and wax it'll be listed $22,000 more than you were offered 48 hours later.

Surprised that Stealerships wouldn't be in the hunt for used quick flip and profit especially when it's a trade in while they gotcha ya at a weak and emotional moment.

Years ago I looked at a Disco for a friend after his knowing my D1 5 speed a few years knowing what can be done he had the same plans how I setup and used my D1.

This vehicle checked out clean, "never wrecked" as the seller went to a body shop and paid cash for replaced damaged parts and paint having a zero papaer trail record of the accident.

Right front bumper, fender and hood having zero paint chips with no clearcoat vs left side plenty of chipped paint at 40K use.
Underneath a rather fresh coat of thin dried mud and under the mud fresh light gray primer found and where undercoating was missing had bright unrusted steel where the hydraulic ram made contact straightening out the suspension mounting lugs.
If you believe in Carfu**ed you'll also believe a three times divorced woman is still a ******.
Replacement parts another thing, can they be OEM, copy of OEM on down the list cheaper in price to lowest in quality parts installed on a to be sold anyway ASAP vehicle? prime example OEM on down to from China parts you know must meet LR's highest quality?
Did see a car carrier in Calif. a local tanker truck driver friend called to show me also pointing out had six LR's all from the southern area of Louisiana that had dried silt in the carpets up to their steering wheel and up the door side panels. Shine sells. ......~~=o&o>......
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