Hi Rovers....Steven H here and owner of a 2016 RRS SVR.

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    Jul 13, 2019
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    Wow, 4yrs just slipped away and I find myself looking at an expiring warranty on a 40,700 mi. Gorgeous custom Estoril Blue SVR with ADV1 wheels, perfect shape, not a scratch. After owning 3 previous RRs, the SVR puts in into a different driving class. Previously I sold or traded in the vehicles prior to warranty expiration but this one is different and carries a bit of difficulty when considering what to do. It's free and clear and in perfect shape and frankly, in my 45 years of car ownership, I've never received more compliments on a vehicle. Don't want a new one considering the kid at the dealership said a body style change is coming in 2020 0r 21? Exit the ridiculous car infatuation and enter reality and my sincere question pertains acquiring an extended warranty and one that will actually cover all or almost all post warranty issues. I'm all ears on this and appreciate feedback.

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