Two issues with my LR4

Discussion in 'LR4' started by ThinkGadget, Jan 10, 2020.

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    I'm new here. Also new to LR land w/recent purchase of a 2011 LR4 w/the 5.0 V8, 70K miles.

    Cold is cool, causing brake fluid viscosity to increase...tending the stuff towards split pea soup at low and lower temps. Just push that brake pedal down as hard as necessary to start the engine. Have a coffee.

    Another "cool" topic: My LR4 engine 'ticks', as in tick, tick, tick (etc) after starting in low temperatures...(heck...even around 42F and below). The fist time I envisioned the chain exploding or similar. Checking the internet I read this is par for the course for this V8, not a problem, get used to it. I'm good with that...until some dark and stormy night....
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    A lot of cars "tick" until they warm up. That is pretty normal.
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    I had a similar issue 2 weeks ago with my transmission not engaging after putting it in Drive on a cold morning (Your second issue). My wife drives the LR 80% of the time so she drives back home after leaving 5 mins prior and says the car is acting funny that each time she stops at a stop sign or traffic light and she tries to start moving the car would just rev up and not go then a few seconds later it would now start moving. So i had her take my car and i took the LR for a drive to see what was happening...I almost hard a heart attack when i realized the tranny was slipping but only in 1st gear when you stop and attempt to start moving, once in 2,3,4,5 gear all is well. Then i stopped turned the engine off, started and put in D and nothing happened the car would just rev up and not move and then engage a few seconds later. So i drove back home with my heart pounding each second of the way. Luckily i had bought all the fluids back in december, tranny oil, diff oil and TC oil and was all sitting in a box in my garage hoping to change everything once the weather got better. So i went back inside the house and dressed up like an eskimo and i raised the LR on 4 rhino ramps and changed all fluids including the engine oil. Initially i was thinking the tranny fluid was low or that it was leaking somewhere but when i got under the car, it was bone dry everywhere and i drained exactly 4 liters. Anyway went for a test drive keeping my fingers crossed...
    it happened again about 3 more times and eventually after about 3-5 mins of driving the tranny went back to normal. I have driven about 1200km for the last 2 weeks and it has not slipped one time. The last time i did the tranny service about 2 yrs ago roughly at 178,000 i used FEBI tranny oil so i'm thinking maybe Febi is not as compatible as they claim. I used ZF fluid this time around. Currently the LR has 215,000km. I'm still driving with no issues and i also noticed all prior rough shifts have disappeared

    So ThinkGadget i would advice to try changing the tranny fluid and make sure to use ZF fluid.
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