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    LR4 to Disco 5

    former 2012 LR4 HSE owner here. two months ago, after coming up on the pricey quintuple punch of a water pump/timing chain/spark plugs/brakes/tires replacement at 90k miles, i talked to my local land rover sale guide about all my options (including a discovery 5 and the upcoming defender)...
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    How many miles on your LR4?

    2012 HSE at 80k here!
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    LR4 Back up sensor sound

    i'm pretty sure that you can adjust the beeping volume (via the radio volume knob) as you're backing up and you hear it. but i don't know if that's a permanent setting, or just for that particular instance.
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    LR5 Release Updates?

    after viewing the video, it looks like one of my biggest unanswered questions about the D5 has been solved- the rear windows don't roll all the way down into the door (so anyone leaning their arm out the window is leaning it on glass). strange OCD/pet peeve of mine.
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    LR5 Release Updates?

    i believe that the concept car posted earlier morphed into what's now known as the discovery sport (formerly the LR2). i'm hoping that the upcoming discovery/LR5 retains the upright stance, interior volume and off-road chops of the current model.
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    Power mirrors sluggish. Seem to have a mind of their own.

    when this happens (often because i switch from reverse to drive before the mirror has a chance to get back to "normal" during the auto-dip feature), i just press and hold the seat memory button that is tied to the correct mirror position and it goes back to "normal". not the best solution, but...
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    Ash Tray

    ashtray stuck please add me to the list. i use my ashtray for coins and a few of them fell behind... so now i can't close it. help!
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    The annual 19 inch tire question! Whattya got? Whattya like?

    pirelli scorpion update earlier this week i ended up getting a nail in one of my tires and i've been riding on the donut for the past few days, so i decided to bite the bullet and order a brand new set of pirelli scorpion ATRs. neither the tire shop nor pirelli offers a mileage warranty on the...
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    Farting noise coming from passenger side dash

    this happened to my 06 LR3, it was a "faulty air blender assembly" that was repaired under warranty.
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    The annual 19 inch tire question! Whattya got? Whattya like?

    on my 2006 LR3 HSE: after wearing through my stock good years (after 50K miles and 4 years), i replaced them with pirelli scorpion zeros last year. then just last week, i went to my local tire shop and they were quite surprised to see how much wear the pirellis were showing after only 25K miles...
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    Alarming for no obvious reason

    i had this problem last year... it was coming from a faulty hood latch & sensor, both of which were replaced under warranty.
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    Plastic Screws?

    wow. i lost the ones on the front bumper over the course of the last few months, brought it up to my dealer yesterday as part of my 37K service, where they wanted to charge me $91 to get them replaced. i balked, told them to forget it, so my service advisor called me back and managed to...
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    LR3 Crossbars

    still available? is this roof rack still available? and is it the OEM one that they have at the LR dealer or a thule/yakima-type crossbar? thanks!
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    Feedback from LandRover themselves?

    wow, nathan. that is a pretty exhaustive list. i like it, and i have a few additions: true mobile phone integration via bluetooth. for example, doesn't bmw's idrive system allow you to access contacts via voice control and the nav screen? pockets/cubbies in the headliner (like the series...

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