LR has had my LR4 for 3 MONTHS!

Discussion in 'LR4' started by SSRover, Sep 24, 2018.

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    Feb 10, 2014
    This means that is was sold by the servicing dealer
    "Sold Stock "#" - P2815 (dealer stock number when is was inhouse)
    Make's it easier to track customers, and potential trace back faults.
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    Sep 24, 2018
    So time for a little update.

    The dealer just returned my vehicle to me. This time around they were fixing the clunky shifter, nicked door handle, door scratch (all 3 of which were a result of being there so long), and the windshield wiper issue, which was stated as fixed when they attempted to return a few weeks ago.

    Last week my service advisor emailed stating they were replacing the wiper arm, which they did; however, the issue is that the bolt on the wiper motor is the area that’s stripped. Service advisor is stating that the metal on the arm is softer than that on the motor and there is no way the motor bolt is stripped.

    My big issue with the wiper is that they said they fixed it and documented it as such, but they never did. So how about that engine that looks like it wasn’t touched but they say the timing was fixed. While the vehicle was at the body shop for the door handle, we brought our own mechanic to look at it. I did just get into a heated conversation with service advisor about this and he is adamant that it was fixed because it is no longer ticking - since it was covered under warranty and not out-of-pocket, there are no guarantees or warranty on this service...and conveniently my warranty has now expired. Land Rover corporate can not do anything about this because it is an independently owned dealership - but I can take my concerns to the general manager.

    Door scratch repaired ok.

    Door handles - well, they are brownish. They repainted both driver side handles a more metallic and more brownish color than the albeit more worn grayish/black handles on the passenger side. Yes, it might be minor, but all I see is brown shimmer that doesn’t belong with the other trim.

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