Random LR4 Death and Resurrection

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San Moritz LR4

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Apr 13, 2023
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Crestline, California
Drove the Rover to the store over the weekend and locked the door via the touchpad on the handle. Came back out and unlocked with my key fob. Got in the truck and it was dead as doornail. No interior lights, no start when pushing button, no accessory mode or info screen light up, locks wouldn't activate again, just nothing. It behaved as you would expect from a truck with an absolutely dead battery.

I crawled through the back seats to access my tools (hatch wouldn't open either), and pulled out my voltmeter to take a battery reading. Thankfully the hood still uses a good old cable connection. Both batteries read at 12.9 volts, so that wasn't the issue and I began to get a little nervous at that point. Sat there pondering for a minute or two and then decided to pull both battery cables on the main battery and do a hard reset by touching the terminals together for 30 seconds. Voila, truck resurrected itself and behaved absolutely normally. Pulled out my GAP tool and no codes were set.

Mine is a 2012 that I owned since new, with about 100K on it. It has never exhibited anything like this behavior before. Anyone ever experienced something similar? Was this just a software crash on a processor somewhere? Just seemed bizarre that it came out of nowhere and then disappeared completely. Have driven it over 300 miles spanning two days since, and no apparent issues since.
Hi. I have the same here vehicle 2012 HSE model. I bought the LR4 with 30,000 miles on it (CPO) and I now have 178,000 on the odometer. Knock on wood, I haven’t experienced anything like you described.

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