1. 2

    Misfire on cylinders 2468

    Hello My new to me lr3 4.4 with 140k is giving me trouble after new head gaskets and reassembly. Bought the lr3 sight unseen not knowing it had a small head gasket leak. It could idle all day and not over heat but once in motion it would over heat within 15 mins. No coolant mixing with oil and...
  2. S

    Help needed!! More head scratching on battery/alternator/charging system... '06 LR3

    Hey guys, I’ve read through pretty much every forum thread known to man in an attempt to fix what I thought was a pretty simple problem that now has taken me from scratching my head to banging it against the wall. I’ll try to keep this concise. Three weeks ago while setting off from a...
  3. BigBriDogGuy

    LR Time YouTube Videos

    These videos are hilarious. Really entertaining. They feature a German couple, Christian and Vera, and their obsession with fixing and maintaining Land Rovers (LR3s and LR4s). Christian has a complete machine shop at home (including a power lift that he built) and an obsession with fixing...
  4. E

    What would you do?

    Hi, I would like your opinion on what I should do. I am 2nd owner of a LR3 with 211,000 miles. I’ve kept my truck going through all the usual LR issues but now I’m at a crossroads. My air suspension is shot. I’ve replaced all 4 air struts, front & rear valve blocks and all 4 height sensors...
  5. L

    2007 LR3 Mystery Connectors

    Hello, while troubleshooting a few minor problems (TR dial not working & U012287 Lost Communication With Vehicle Dynamics Control Module, I ran across two connectors underneath the instrument panel/steering wheel that aren't connected to anything. Does anyone have a clue what these are for...
  6. A

    2005 LR3 Replaced AC compressor and Condenser with Receiver/Drier...still blowing hot

    Hello All, I am taking to the forum for just the second time in my automotive endeavor hoping to find out what could be wrong with this certain vehicle. We are working on a 2005 Land Rover LR3 with just over 250k miles on it. Vehicle was not blowing cold air so all parts below have been...
  7. P

    LR3 Brighter Foglight Options?

    Has anyone ever swapped out their LR3's foglights with LED H11 bulbs? What'd you think of the light pattern and which bulbs did you use? I'm well aware of the fact that the reflectors will not work "right" for an LED bulb. It'll even change from one bulb design to another, but some might be...
  8. J

    Suspension Fault after no start - replaced starter, mega fuse, now get faults.

    Hello, About 3 weeks ago my 2005 LR3 SE wouldn't start after a day of running errands. I first replaced the starter and that didn't fix, so I then traced the no start issue to the mega fuse linked to the positive battery terminal cable. After replacing the fuse, the LR3 cranked right up but now...
  9. Tapps33

    Different Style Timing Chains?

    Hello out there LR folks! I've got a bit of an interesting situation on my hands. Long story even longer, I'm rebuilding a 5.0 SC RRS engine. Here's the rub....I have ordered all new timing components from Land Rover British, and pretty much everything is OEM....not a problem....until I got...
  10. T

    2016 Landrover LR4 20” factory wheels and Pirelli 255/50/R20 tires (set of 4)

    RELISTING (reduced price) 2016 Landrover LR4 20” 5 spoke diamond turned alloy factory wheels and Pirelli 255/50/R20 tires (set of 4) $1400 OBO Rims are in superb condition and tires have lots of tread left Feel free to reach out to me via email or text Cell: (760)-846-4791 Email...
  11. T

    2006 LR3 SE V8 does not start but runs well when it does. HELP!

    Hello fellow Land Rover enthusiasts, I recently bought a Land Rover LR3 for 2k. The catch however is that it is nearly impossible to start. Turning the key will cause the engine to crank continuously until it is put into the off position. (vid here) Sometimes it may start a bit and you have to...
  12. C

    LR3 Suspension Compressor

    Just bought (my first) LR3. It needs some love and will be a fun project. The suspension is on the bump stops and I dont think the compressor is working. I'm going to replace the compressor and the relay, but I have a question: Everything I see references a compressor replacement as a $1,000USD...
  13. BendRover123

    LR3 2008 Suspension Height Sensor Linkage

    For the front and rear I am adjusting the connecting rods on my LR3 to stock OEM length. The issue is I threw out the OEM links those that connect the sensor to the wishbones on the car and that can be removed (have those thick rubber grommets). Could any of you help me out for the rear and...
  14. jaxy

    Random / Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

    I am from NY, my 05 Lr3 due to pandemic has been mostly sitting in front of my house since March 2020. In summer I used to start is once in two or three weeks. Come winter I started doing it more often, like twice a week and did so even after each snow storm. After last snow storm cleanup when...
  15. Major Roberts

    Greeting from Vallejo CA

    I have a 2005 Land Rover LR3 which has been nothing but reliable up til now. However, a few months back as I was parking it, my Oversize front wheels rubbed against the inner body, jolting something loose. The dashboard started to flash on and off. I imagined that I may have turned the wheel...


    My wife got into a little fender-bender which created a great opportunity to get an aftermarket bumper with a winch. I think I've narrowed it down to Lucky8's CFE Bumper with a Terrafirma 12000 lbs winch...
  17. B

    Opinions on 05 Discovery 3

    So I’ve been searching for my first Land Rover and I’m looking at buying a Discovery. I found an 05 Discovery 3 HSE w/ 93k miles. Anyone have any thoughts? I love the brand but have always hesitated from buying one due to hearing about conflicting views on the brands reliability. Just trying to...
  18. Timbo

    Mantec Sump Guard LR3 - Anyone selling?

    Any chance anyone is selling or know's where to purchase a Mantec Sump Guard for the LR3? Lucky8 aren't stocking them anymore and they seem to be the best fitting and best looking bit of front armor.
  19. Timbo

    Will I still be able to drive these tires with a suspension fault?

    I apologize for yet another tire question, though I genuinely couldn't find an answer on this or other boards. I looking to put on some OEM 18" alloy wheels with some BFG KO2 265/60R18's onto my 2006 LR3 (which currently has the stock 255/55R19 wheel). NB, I'm looking to buy the wheels from...
  20. grimmecm

    Immediate Compressor Overheat at Startup

    This week started a fun new problem that I cant find any info on. The vehicle has been off and sitting for 18hrs. Upon startup I immediately get a message saying the suspension will adjust when it cools down. Again, it has not been on in nearly 18hrs. Plugged in my IID Gap Tool and it shows the...
  21. PatriotLandyTX

    Steering wheel button Backlighting and horn not working properly

    I noticed a couple months ago that the back lighting on the steering wheel buttons on my 2008 LR3 were cutting out when the wheel was hovering around the normal centered position, but a slight turn of the wheel and they’d pop back on. Progress to today and they are now always off. In addition...
  22. G

    Snorkel choice LR3

    I want to install a snorkel to make sure going through water whilst off roading doesnt cost me the engine at some point. seems like a lot of Land Rover owners are installing this:
  23. K

    LR3 Dead? ECU/ECM Not Detected. Please Help

    My 2005 LR3 with 170,000 miles recently started having a throttle position sensor issue that caused the land rover to go into limp mode with an engine fault warning. I found a loose connector that goes to the mass air flow sensor and plugged it back in. I then tried to clear the codes on the LR3...
  24. BendRover123

    Light grinding sound from rear right tire area when turning right.

    A new noise on my 2008 Landrover. That noise just showed up about a week ago after I was hitting some pretty hilly roads aka San Fran style and tried to get it airborne. Anyways the noise weirdly enough goes away after driving the car a few minutes. It is always there though in the morning turn...
  25. PatriotLandyTX

    LR3 Rear Air Blower CFM/Volume reduced

    Ok guys, My “new to me” 2008 SE V8 is in extremely great shape. Took it on it’s first trip from TX to CO and hit some trails, had lots of fun, and going back next week to do more. It’s HOT in TX right now, and the LR3 is not keeping the rear seat passengers very cool... not because the air is...

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